"Se-En - Search Engine Archive" is a platform for collecting information about web search engines. Web search engines (automatically or manually) collect in the web available sources. Excluded are search engines for a single website, a database or intranet and so on, as well as search engines just for commercial content. The collection contains actual and new search engines, as well as search engines that are no longer online available. In the past years a lot of search engines closed, information about them is hard to find or just get lost. The aim is a collection of general information like: Name, link, short description, founder/inventor, launched, milestones and so on. On a long term view I hope to collect a fundamential overview of data about search engines, usable for statistical analysis.

Note: The aim of this collection is a general overview of SeEn, I don't consider to the quality of the engines. Naturally quality is important for the user, but here it plays only a second level role.

I started this collection at the end of 2012 and the first thing I found out was, with more and more information I collect some classification aspects or other relevant points changes. For more information see the classification site.