General Search Engines


[1060]closed A9
[615]closed AAfter.Com Friendly Search Engine Respecting Your Privacy
[410]closed AccuFind
[321]closed Acoon [Web]
[431]closed Acoon WAP-Suche
[498]active Active Search Results Search Engine Internet Search Engine with ASR Page Ranking Technology
[1108]closed Aesop
[303]closed Ah-Ha
[1156]closed Ahdle
[58]closed Don't panic ! // What you need, when you need it
[63]closed Alexa
[37]active Aliweb Archie Like Indexing for the WEB
[536]closed All 4 One MetaSearch! combining the power of all the worlds best search engines into one.
[1231]active All the Internet
[399]closed ALL-IN-ONE Search Page
[411]closed All4one
[651]active ***
[5]closed AllofWeb [NOTE: The site is still available, but does not offer any results anymore, 2015.]
[12]closed AllPlus The Universal Meta Search and Discovery Engine
[64]closed Alltheweb find it all -p-
[363]active alot
[65]closed AltaVista -P-
[896]active Amidalla ***
[1167]closed ANDO ???
[1298]closed Any Search Info
[691]closed Anyfinder
[16]active AOL Search
[13]closed Apollo7 Meta-Suchmaschine [NOTE: The site is still available, but does not offer any results anymore, May 2015.]
[17]closed Ask Jeeves
[369]active AvantFind ***
[358]active Babylon Search ***
[20]closed BackRub
[1247]closed Baldey -P-
[414]closed Better Brain -p-
[21]active Bing
[66]closed blekko the spam-free search engine
[77]closed Blingo Search & Win
[187]closed Blinkx [Web Search]
[494]closed Blippex A search engine made by the people, for the people.
[299]active Boogle [Google Search with Quotes]
[905]closed BotBot
[526]closed BrainBoost
[415]closed Brightgate
[423]closed Bytedog [NOTE: The site is still available, but does not offer any results anymore, May 2015.]
[401]closed byteSearch
[409]closed C4
[488]closed Cacti Search
[22]closed Die Suchmaschine
[1109]closed Cantufind
[616]active Carrot2 ***
[413]closed CentraPoint
[7]closed ChaCha
[1135]closed Chubba
[23]closed Claymont Search Engine According to the website, a new version is being planned.
[630]active Clearch
[1110]closed Clickey
[1284]closed CLINKS
[19]closed Clusty -P-
[1196]closed CompletePlanet
[365]active Conduit
[717]closed Congoo Web
[84]closed Copernic
[1230]closed Crawl
[24]closed Cuil
[669]closed CurryGuide [NOTE: The site is still available, but does not offer any results anymore, October 2015.]
[397]closed CUSI
[408]closed Cyber 411
[910]closed Cybwell
[1193]closed DashFresh
[329]closed DeBriefing -P-
[1115]closed Decipho
[27]closed DeeperWeb
[1147]closed DeepPeep
[1037]closed DeepSearch
[879]closed DevilFinder
[302]closed Direct Hit
[1278]active Disconnect Search
[46]closed Do Great Good [Web] You Search the Web, We'll Donate to Charity
[78]active Dogpile
[739]active DotHop ***
[389]active Draze
[26]active DuckDuckGo The search engine that doesn't track you.
[4]closed EarthFrisk
[28]closed Ecocho You search. We grow trees.
[658]closed EcoSearch Same Search, Better Earth
[531]active Ecosia
[703]active Elliot for water ***
[30]active Entireweb
[1314]active envolk *** , -P-
[1054]closed Eurekster
[61]active RELEVANT WEB SEARCH ***
[36]active Exalead
[38]active Excite
[382]closed ez2Find
[251]closed ez2www
[1116]active Factbites ***
[660]active Fagan Finder ***
[1264]closed FalconSoft
[743]closed FAROO Web Search
[607]closed Fazzle
[1346]active Findia
[653]closed Findr
[1041]closed findx
[386]closed FinQoo Next generation meta search engine
[610]closed Flipper
[9]closed FOOXX The first social search engine, with over 800 communities
[1117]closed FyberSearch
[650]closed GahooYoogle Search Google & Yahoo at the same time.
[557]closed GalaxyHIT!
[34]closed Gasta
[1189]active Gibiru
[425]active Gigablast
[670]closed Gimenei
[633]closed GoGettem
[403]closed goHip!
[1119]closed GoodSearch
[1]active Google
[337]closed GoTo
[751]closed Govome
[487]closed Grokker
[1328]closed Grouper
[10]closed GuruNet Your Instant Expert
[79]closed harvester42
[1198]closed hereUare
[339]closed Highway 61
[1340]active Hiyo
[81]active HotBot
[678]closed Hulbee [2009-2012]
[679]closed Hulbee [2015-2017]
[379]closed Hunt It
[1327]closed HuskySearch
[377]closed iBoogie
[249]closed IceRocket [Web]
[1061]closed Ikojo **
[1148]closed IncyWincy
[402]closed Inference Find
[82]active The top results from the World's favorite search engines.
[421]closed InfoGrid
[671]closed Infonetware
[29]closed Infoseek
[102]closed InfoSeeker Search Directory
[860]closed Infospace [1996-2003]
[103]active Infospace [2010-...] one-stop search ***
[584]closed Inktomi
[1045]closed Intelibuzz
[606]active iSEEK Targeted Discovery
[636]closed iSleuth (Internet Sleuth)
[107]closed Ithaki
[289]active iTools ***
[306]closed iWon
[83]closed Ixquick
[890]closed Iyiyes
[298]closed Izik
[672]active iZito
[1192]active iZSearch -P-
[629]closed Jawoco
[1047]closed Jelly
[656]closed Jeteye Search, Package and Share the Digital World
[887]closed Jixty
[33]closed JumpStation and JumpStation II
[316]closed Jux2
[908]closed Kanoodle
[67]closed KartOO
[287]closed Katapulco
[371]closed LEO Search
[1263]closed Lets Find It Now
[1201]closed Lexxe
[857]active LightSwitch ***
[42]closed Live Search
[1236]active LookSeek
[39]active LookSmart Where To Look For What You Need
[1358]active Lookster
[45]active LYCOS ***
[1164]closed lyGO
[680]closed mageleo
[577]closed Magellan
[15]closed Mahalo Learn Anything
[85]closed Mamma The Mother of All Search Engines
[412]closed MatchSite
[673]closed Meceoo
[1202]closed Megaglobe
[904]closed MegaSpider
[877]closed MeSeek
[404]closed MetaBug
[86]active MetaCrawler
[667]closed MetaEureka
[405]closed Metafind
[406]closed MetaGopher
[1169]closed MetaIQ
[112]closed Metalook
[114]closed Metasearch
[906]closed MetaSpider
[976]closed Metatiger **
[116]closed Metor the gate of information
[889]active Million Short
[1056]closed Miva
[693]active Mojeek
[1326]active Mojeek Emotions
[117]active Monster Crawler Search The Web's Top Engines With Just One Click! ***
[1146]closed Mooter
[496]closed Motherpipe No Tracking. No Spying. Just Search.
[668]closed Ms Dewey
[44]closed MSN Search
[964]active MyAllSearch
[119]closed Myriad Search
[366]active MyStart [by Visicom Media]
[367]active MyStart [by // now by Incredibar]
[1187]closed Mystery Seeker
[790]active MyWay
[357]active mywebsearch
[990]closed Nathra
[1062]closed Navisso
[1347]closed NBCi
[308]closed Netscape
[1181]closed NIKOS
[163]closed Northern Light [Web Search]
[1182]closed NorthStar
[1289]closed Objects Search -P-
[1290]closed Occam Query Engine, The
[1152]closed Oingo
[647]closed onDroo
[854]closed One Page MultiSearch
[286]closed One Search
[375]closed One2seek
[912]closed OnlinePilot
[644]closed Open Text
[1063]closed Optevi
[49]closed Overture
[997]active Owinda
[121]closed Pandia
[1197]active Peekier
[346]closed PlanetSearch
[649]active Polycola ***
[91]closed PolyMeta The Universal Meta Search and Discovery Engine
[846]closed Privatelee
[426]closed ProCog The Transparent Search Engine
[122]closed ProFusion
[855]closed Proteus
[384]closed qkSearch [NOTE: The site is still available, but does not offer any results anymore.]
[951]closed QuadSearch
[424]closed Query Server
[624]closed Queryster
[364]closed QuickLex
[959]closed Quintura visual search engine
[484]active Qwant
[50]closed Raging Search
[370]closed RBSE Spider
[416]closed RedeSearch
[738]closed Redz
[1068]closed RocketLinks
[1160]closed SalukiSearch.Com The Family-Friendly Search Engine
[123]closed SavvySearch
[1185]closed Scour **
[51]closed Scroogle
[62]closed Scrub The Web The SEO Search Engine
[537]closed Search AllinOne MetaSearch! combining the power of all the worlds best search engines into one.
[500]closed Search Caddy
[1100]active Search Encrypt
[1168]closed Search Engines Galore
[1229]closed Search Spaniel
[1137]closed Search-Quick [2002-2003]
[1120]active Search-Quick [2013 - ...] ***
[1038]active ***
[1330]closed Search3
[1232]active Searchalot
[1050]closed SearchMash
[489]closed SearchMe [2008 - 2009]
[1166]active SearchMe [2013 - ...] ***
[998]active Searchnu ***
[1203]closed SearchQuix
[390]closed SearchSalad Meta Search engine with a difference.
[1004]active searx
[1233]closed Seek123
[381]closed Seek2Day
[1331]active Seekky *** -P-
[376]closed Seekz
[1300]closed ShagSeek
[53]closed Shmoogle All results are equal
[1051]closed Simploos
[891]closed Slikk
[417]closed Snap
[1254]active SolarVillage
[907]closed Sprinks
[288]active Sputtr ***
[634]active Startpage
[47]closed StumbleUpon
[1246]closed Super Searcher / IQuest
[1320]closed SuperCrawler
[1222]closed SureSeeker
[868]closed SurfGopher
[128]closed SurfWax
[396]closed SweetIM Since December 2018 or earlier, the website no longer displays results.
[677]active Swisscows
[835]active Symbaloo
[1333]active TadaDoo
[848]closed TAM - The answering machine
[613]closed TeddyCan Search
[54]closed Teoma Search with Authority
[1067]closed The
[888]active The Net 101
[956]active Thunderstone Web Site Catalog ***
[130]closed TopXplorer The Meta Search Engine
[659]closed You surf - we plant trees.
[132]closed Trexy
[543]active Trovi ***
[131]closed Turbo10 Search the Deep Net
[385]closed TurboScout
[1204]closed Tygo
[674]closed Ujiko
[387]active Unabot ***
[965]active ***
[427]closed Veoda
[407]closed Verio Metasearch
[1323]active Visymo Search
[133]closed Vivísimo
[73]closed Volunia
[388]closed vPinPoint
[383]closed Vroosh! [NOTE: The site is still available, but does not offer any results anymore, September 2017]
[1039]closed W3 Catalog
[55]closed Walhello
[945]closed Wandex
[975]closed Waptiger The WAP Search Engine
[1353]active WbSrch Web Search The Independent Search Engine [2018 - ...]
[654]closed WbSrch Web Search The Independent Search Engine [2014 - 2016]
[1257]closed Web Core
[88]active WebCrawler
[134]closed Webfetch
[225]active WebSearch ***
[90]closed WebTop
[947]active WhaleSlide
[68]closed WhatUseek
[1040]active The search engine for lightweight, unbloated, old school websites
[479]active WiinkZ [Web Search]
[136]closed Wikia Search
[43]closed Windows Live Search
[380]closed WindSeek
[291]closed Wink The Social Search Engine // Search the Web - Powered by People
[963]closed Winzy **
[499]closed WISEnut
[100]active WolframAlpha computational knowledge engine
[137]closed Wondir
[870]closed World Wide Web Wanderer / Wandex
[56]closed World Wide Web Worm
[962]closed Wotbox
[859]active WOW
[1199]closed XavierSeek
[309]active Yahoo!
[853]active Yahoo-vs-Google
[1165]closed Yauba
[25]active Yippy
[1318]closed Yometa [NOTE: Page is still available, but currently offering no results, February 2019.] ***
[856]closed YurNet
[372]active ZapMeta
[495]closed Zeekly Private & Secure Web Search
[1319]active ZenSearch
[1200]closed Zingtastic
[503]active Zoo
[378]closed Zuula
[663]closed Zworks The Meta Search That Works
0-9 ...
[1234]active 100 SEARCH ENGINES -P-?
[556]closed 2TROM
[639]closed Type Once, get results from up to 37 search engines!
[1205]closed aka
[664]closed 800go twelve search engines in one and more!