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Microsoft's first own scientific search engine was Windows Live Academic, the search engine limited to Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Physics was offered from 2006 to 2008. It did not crawl the content itself on the web, but obtained it from CrossRef and, indexed the data and ranked it according to the relevance of the query term in the documents to be searched and according to the value and reliability (authority) of the journals. CrossRef receives the metadata from numerous publishers and links them to the publisher pages via the DOI. The inclusion of CrossRef thus enables the inclusion of "reliable" data sources, which also continues with the successors of Windows Live Academic.

Language English

Launched 2006
Closed 2008

Developer Microsoft

Country of Origin US America

2006 - 2008 Microsoft

Topic Academic, Scientific or Educational Search engine

Region No Limitation

Technical functionalities
Search engine for databases, repositories, portals and other closed (deep web) or open content collections

Used SeEn MSN Live Search

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite


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