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»Rambler (russisch Рамблер, aber eigentlich ein Anglizismus im Russischen, abgeleitet vom englischen Wort rambler / Wanderer)...« Source

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Dmitry Kryukov (1996): »Stack Rambler Search Engine system was designed to search and retrieve documents from sites of the ex-USSR, since most other search and retrieve systems can't index text with Cyrillic character sets. The system consists of two main parts: the retriever the searcher The first part of the engine is a robot, which can grab urls via proxy server or direct from the specified host, index its contents, and put the data into Rambler's database. The robot can scan specified hosts recursively. It operates in accordance with the Standard for Robot Exclusion. In queries it sets the 'User-Agent:' field to 'StackRambler' and the 'From:' field to the maintener selected in the config file. Many options can be configured in the retriever, such as depth of scanning, proxy host/port, timeouts, maximum index word length, weight coefficients, stop words, etc. The second part of the engine is the search system itself. The searcher supports Boolean expression searching and metasymbols in queries. The user can specify the number of results, the output format etc. The searcher can be used as an independent program or as a cgi interface to queries.« Source


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