[NOTE: The site is still available, but does not offer any results anymore, October 2015.]

Highfield Business Corporation's CurryGuide was launched in 1997 as a provider of meta search engine technologies. According to its own information, thousands of websites from 69 countries used the CurryGuide search technology in September 1999. Since 1999, a search engine called CurryGuide has been offered as a showcase. In addition to a web search, numerous thematic searches are offered (picture, music, news search, search for children's websites, etc.). The website is still online but hasn't offered any results for some years now.

Language English

Launched 1997
Closed 2015, but I think a lot sooner.

Developer Highfield Business Corporation

Country of Origin UK

1997 - 2015 Highfield Business Corporation

Topic Universal

Region No Limitation

Technical functionalities
Meta SeEn

Used SeEn Unknown

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite

Sherman, Chris (Mar 22, 2005): »Meta search engine for the US and several European countries, as well as in various subject areas. Has ability to save your results for easy rerunning at a future point.« Source

» web portal was initially launched in 1997 as a showcase metasearch engine for products and solutions marketed by our development division at CurryGuide Services. Services included a feature rich metasearch engine with (optional) searching by country; first to be implemented in a metasearch engine. Other new introductions included 'VSE' (virtual search engine); a concept later to be embraced and followed by many others. Our 'BestSeller BookShop' has been a popular tool for many webmasters. « Source


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