WbSrch Web Search

The Independent Search Engine [2014 - 2016]

Language Multilingual

Launched 2014
Closed 2016

Developer Champion, Jason

Country of Origin US America

2013 - [...] Zeta Centauri

Topic Universal

Region No Limitation

Technical functionalities
Crawler-based, algorithmic SeEn

Used SeEn WbSrch Web Search

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite

prweb (November 15, 2015): »WbSrch, an independent search engine based in Oregon, has expanded its data center, growing from a single dedicated server to three. Founder Jason Champion had this to say about the expansion: “We've grown enough that a single server no longer meets our needs. Tripling our footprint will allow us to continue growing and improving our algorithms throughout 2016. [...] Started in 2013 and launched in 2014, WbSrch is still quite young, with an index of 10 million pages grouped into more than 30 languages. Traffic has been steadily increasing as the index grows and algorithms improve. Rather than trying to crawl and index every page on the web, WbSrch aims to build quality results by weighing what is excluded just as heavily as what is included. More than 500,000 domains have been excluded, based primarily on content language and a few other criteria. The number of crawled pages, indexed keywords, and excluded sites is published on the site.« Source


"WbSrch" is short for "Web Search"

Critical points

Features & Functionality

»Just type your phrase in the search box and click "search". For a multi-word search, terms are "ANDed" together so that all words in the search phrase are required to match before a result is returned. We don't support any boolean operators, and words are examined in the order they are typed. "cheese sandwich" will return different results than "sandwich cheese". We also do not do stemming, so a search for "cheese" will return different results than a search for "cheeses". We also don't remove "stop words" so a search for "salt and pepper" won't ignore the "and" in the phrase. If you want results from a specific domain, you can add the domain to your search as "". It doesn't matter whether you add this to the beginning or the end. Searching for " cheese" is the same as searching for "cheese". We will probably be adding more features that give you more control over searching, but for now all you can do is a basic ANDed search and a domain search. Domain search is also simple. Just type in the name of a domain and we'll show you everything we know about that domain if we've found it. You can also search for an IP address. We'll show you the list of domains we've found at that IP address and the number of pages we've retrieved from that IP.« Source


References & further Publications

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Other Sources

prweb (November 15, 2015): WbSrch, the Independent Search Engine, Expands URL:

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