Language English

Launched 2007, formerly GahooYoogle
Closed No

Developer Hakopian, Arbel

Country of Origin Unknown

2007 - [...] Hakopian, Arbel

Topic Universal

Region No Limitation

Parallel Search

Used SeEn Google Search Engine
Ask Jeeves / Ask SeEn
AOL Search

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite

Arbel Hakopian: »It all started with in 2005, when I put up a website that searched Google and Yahoo at the same time.

The welcome to that website was incredibly warm from the Internet community and it still keeps going on hot.

It was chosen as HotSite by USAToday, was talked about in BBC radio, had entries in FOX news and many more places in media and websites and weblogs... had problems with Law and Lawyers and now it's shut down and transferred to Yahoo! by the order of the court after some years of being up, also, I decided to expand the idea and now here your are with PolyCola, that has the same concept of GahooYoogle, but you can choose which search engines to search! PolyCola cuts out the time and hassle involved in searching some search engines at the same time.

According to various online statistics, people of the world in different countries such as the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Arabic Countries, Indians, Persians, Dutch people, Spanish people, and many other different spoken language countries, use more than one search engine to search about their desired subjects.

PolyCola cuts out this hassle. « Source


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