The ultimate Wikipedia articles search engine


Language Multilingual

Launched 2007
Closed No

Developer Linterweb

Country of Origin France

2007 - [...] Linterweb

Topic Search engine for File Formats

Region No Limitation

Technical functionalities
Crawler / robot based SeEn using a white list of selected sites

Used SeEn Wikiwix

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite

Wikipedia: »Wikiwix ist eine mehrsprachige Suchmaschine, die von der französischen Firma Linterweb S.à r.l. mit Sitz in Val-de-Reuil betrieben wird. Sie gibt nur Suchergebnisse aus Wikipedia aus, ist aber kein Wiki, wie der Name vermuten ließe. Wikiwix wurde Mitte 2007 in vielen Wikipedia-Sprachversionen in die jeweilige Wikipedia-Spezialseite Spezial:Suche aufgenommen, wo sie nun neben anderen Suchmaschinen (darunter Google und Yahoo) zum Durchsuchen von Wikipedia verwendet werden kann. Es kann nach „Text“, „Bild“ (Bildersuche) oder „Atlas“ gesucht werden, unter Atlas versteht sich eine Suche nach Landkarten in 13 Sprachen. Wikiwix führt als Logo einen Kiwi, welcher mit seinem Schnabel auf dem Boden nach Nahrung pickt. Als Slogan führt die Suchmaschine in allen Sprachversionen die englische Beschreibung „The ultimate Wikipedia articles search engine“. Die Firma Linterweb S.à r.l. hat acht Angestellte, 2007 gab sie gemeinsam mit der Wikimedia Foundation die „Wikipedia-DVD“ v0.5 heraus. Seit 2008 wird in der französischsprachigen Wikipedia das Cachesystem von Wikiwix dazu verwendet, automatisch externe Links in den Fußnoten zu archivieren.« Source

Arrington, Michael (May 19, 2007): »We got a tip today on a new search engine called Wikiwix. The site is new to me and there is very little information about it on the web (one post from about three hours ago is here). It is linked from the main Wikipedia search page, although I’m not sure when it was added. Like Wikiseek, a search engine unaffiliated wtih Wikipedia, Wikiwix searches only Wikipedia. The “contact us” link points to this page on Wikipedia, which is in French. A translated version of that page is here. The domain name is owned by Martin Pascal, a resident of France. The contact link above has information added as early as March 20, 2007. One of the questions on that page is “Who is behind Wikiwix, with which technology, which is the content of the bond with Wikipédia?”, which adds further confusion. Also, the fact that Wikiwix has been added to Wikipedia Search, something not offered to Wikiseek, suggests some sort of connection between the entities.« Source


Critical points

Features & Functionality

Smarty, Ann (August 20, 2009): »You may question the reliability of Wikipedia articles but what is for sure is that Wikipedia’s targeted internal interlinking model makes it is great for (initial) keyword and topic research in terms of analyzing the base word associated, related and neighboring terms. WikiWix is one of the newest (to me) web-based search tools that takes advantage of Wikipedia’s interlinked data base and makes real sense of it offering keyword researchers great opportunities for additional topic insight. Let’s see from an example how WikiWix can be used for keyword research: Let’s say [diabetes] is our base word we want to research, so we search it on WikiWix to get the following: 1. The list of all Wikipedia articles associated with the word. Each listing contains a short abstract from the Wikipedia page, the date and time when the entry was last modified and the page external links (!)...« Source


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