Language English

Launched December 2001 or ear
Closed No

Developer Jayde Online, Inc.

Country of Origin Canada

2001 - [...] Jayde Online, Inc.

Topic Universal

Region No Limitation

Web Directory
Crawlerbased SeEn using an index of submitted sites with Title and Meta Description tags

Used SeEn ExactSeek

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite

2015: » is an internet search engine and directory that receives and indexes over 30,000 new site submissions daily. To date, more than 500 million webpages have been indexed and added to the ExactSeek database. In addition to standard web search results, ExactSeek also offers image, video, blog, news and realtime search.« Source

2002: »ExactSeek is a hybrid search engine directory - a cross between a pure search engine like Google and a directory like Looksmart. The ExactSeek spider does not attempt to crawl the entire Web, it only crawls those sites that are submitted to us and of those, only sites that have Title and Meta Description tags are indexed. The assumption is that most webmasters are now familiar with the necessity for both types of tags and those who aren't should be. [...] The Search Guides on the ExactSeek homepage are provided for convenience only. Unlike the old Yahoo model of nested categories or the category structure still used by DMOZ, the "categories" and "sub-categories" in ExactSeek are not really categories at all - they are searchable keywords or phrases that generate continually updated search results. This means that any site submitted within the previous 24 hours will appear in the results if it contains matching keywords. The same is true of all searches performed on the site, whether a visitor clicks on a Search Guide term or uses the search form.« Source


Critical points

Features & Functionality

2002: »A search of a single keyword using ExactSeek will bring up a list of those sites that contain the keyword in their Site name and/or description. When a phrase or several keywords are searched, sites are selected as a search match if the keywords searched are found within 1 to 20 words of each other within the site listing.

The indexing method used by ExactSeek is somewhat unique in that virtually every word in the site name (Title tag), site description (Meta Description tag) and Meta Keyword tag is indexed. Site ranking for specific keywords is dependent on whether those words are used in the site name and/or description and on how many times they appear. We strongly suggest that webmasters avoid overuse of common, but meaningless words, such as "the, a, and, with, for, with. etc." that do nothing to identify the uniqueness of their web sites.« Source


Company: »Jayde Online was founded in 1993 and incorporated in early 1998. The company has been internet-focused from its creation and primarily involved in the publication of email newsletters and the development of niche and general search engines. Our offices are currently located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.« Source

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