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Launched Unknown
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Developer InfoSpace (In 2012 Infospace was renamed Bluecora, in 2016 the Infospace business was sold to OpenMail, which renamed itself System1 in 2017.)

Country of Origin US America

[...] - [...] InfoSpace (In 2012 Infospace was renamed Bluecora, in 2016 the Infospace business was sold to OpenMail, which renamed itself System1 in 2017.)

Topic Music, Sound & Video Search engine

Region No Limitation

Technical functionalities
Meta search engine

Used SeEn SingingFish
Yahoo Video Search

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite

Wendy Boswell: »Audio Search: surprisingly enough did NOT return audio results for terracing a steep garden (aren't you shocked!), but when I truncated it to "garden", I received stellar results from Yahoo Search, SingingFish, and more. Most of these audio results have a quick thirty-second preview, but quite a few of them were available full-length. « Source

Audio search engine reviews (May 2008) - Dogpile Audio Search: »Search Options - Good - Dogpile provides an advanced search option which allows users to search using Boolean logic. Users are also able to choose to search for Realmedia, Windows, MP3 or All media files. There is also a preference section where users change settings in relation to how many returns are displayed on the screen, whether or not to track recent searches and the types of material they wish to filter out of searches. Users can also choose to have any results returned in a new window. Along with the returns are suggestions for further searches the visitor might like to make. For example when Jerusalem was entered as a search term Dogpile suggested that the visitor might like to search on Jerusalem history, Jerusalem maps and Mecca. Dogpile also presents a list of recent searches that have been undertaken. * Performance - Poor - Relatively few results were made accessible when search results were viewed using the 'relevance' setting. During testing this was never more than 40 results. More results were accessible when viewed using the 'source' option. When compared to other search engines tested the returns were made quite slowly. In terms of relevancy the results were very much a mixed bag. As well as large amounts of music files, the results included links to news stories, podcasts and sound files. There was minimal duplication however a small number of dead links were identified. * Presentation - Average - Results are returned as a list down the left hand side of the screen. Information about each file includes a name (e.g. song title), the file format (e.g. MP3), the file size in MBs and the duration of the file. Finally, there is a link to the required content. The site contains a 'terms of use' section which outlines how users may use any content returned. It contains explicit information about the copyright that is owned and controlled by Dogpile as well as giving warnings about possible copyright considerations that are related to sites that Dogpile links to.The Dogpile site itself is relatively free of advertising (there are a number of small banners for search engines that are used).« Source

2003: »Find audio (generally MP3) files related to your search. Audio Provider - FAST Audio, MP3Board« Source

2005: »Find audio (generally MP3) files related to your search. Audio Provider - Yahoo! Search and Singingfish.« Source


Critical points

»A number of related links were returned using the search term. The specific content was not returned. Lots of links could not be made. No returns using the URL.« Source

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