Language English

Launched January 2013
Closed No

Developer InfoSpace (inbetween part of Blucora, since 2017 part of System1)

Country of Origin US America

2013 - [...] InfoSpace (inbetween part of Blucora, since 2017 part of System1)

Topic Universal

Region No Limitation

Meta SeEn

Used SeEn Google Search Engine

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite is a search portal offering web, image, video, news and shopping search (but the shopping search didn’t work at the moment). The web search is a meta search engine using Google and Yahoo. Zoo was launched in 2013 and is owned by Infospace (today Blucora). On the today’s result page I didn’t find the features Zoo promise on the “About Zoo” page (see also “Features & Functionality”). I’m not jet sure, if it is a meta search engine anymore. The results of a web search looks like pure Google (but this is just speculation). Curiously enough, there seems to by nearly nothing written about this search engine, at least I didn’t find anything [kd2015].

In December 2015 Infospace changed the URL of Zoo from to without a redirect or any other hint of the new home [kd2018].

Zoo is an infospace site. In January 2005 started as a Meta-Shopping Search Engine Source

Since September 2006 offered a Child SeEn Source

From April 2008 to May 2009 the side redirects too Dogpile. Then in May 2009 a “Zoo and Aquarium Directory” followed. The site offered a web search too, but i´m not sure if it was a general web search or a special search using a white list of zoo related websites. Source

As of the Wayback machine since May 2011 (or earlier) the site offered a shopping search again, followed by the Zoo directory, a redirection to dogpile and so on. Since January 2013 the site offered a search portal with a web, image, video and news search. Source


Critical points

Features & Functionality

»In addition, Zoo contains a number of features to make your search experience even more rewarding. View Results by: Relevance/Search Engine Zoo has a default setting to show you results in order of relevance. However, you may wish to view the results, listed by search engine. Open in a New Window Clicking in this symbol opens the page in a new window. Why not try opening several pages at once from the search results to find the best result for you? Results From This Site If you've found a result you like, you can search that site for more pages containing your search terms. This is an easy way to find more in-depth information on relevant sites. Results from a particular Search Engine By clicking on the Engine Name under an individual result e.g. Google, you can see the results found using that engine. This is a simple way to group similar results together. QuickView Preview a result without leaving the results page! A letter-box sized preview of the website will open in the Zoo results page. Note - this feature is not available on paid-for listings.« Source


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