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Paid search
Crawler-based, algorithmic SeEn
Pay Per Inclusion Search Engine
Pay-per-click (PPC) search engine

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Sullivan, Danny (Mar 3, 2003): »Same As They Ever Were: ... Overture (1998- ): Formerly known as GoTo, the company launched a "paid placement" service in early 1998, where sites were ranked based in order of how much they were willing to pay. The web had matured enough by this point to accept this type of commercialization: similar plans tried by Open Text in 1996 were dropped after a chorus of complaints. By 2000, Overture abandoned its initial route of driving consumers to its own web site in favor of a network model of providing its paid listings to other sites. Today, it powers paid listings to major search engines such as MSN and Yahoo.« Source


»Overture changed its name from GoTo on October 8, 2001. "Overture is an introduction, and we feel that's what we do as a company," said GoTo's chief operating officer Jaynie Studenmund at the time. "We also felt it was a sophisticated enough name, in case our products expand," a telling hint of the acquisitions of AlltheWeb and AltaVista in 2003. GoTo had even earlier origins. Its initial search engine was the World Wide Web Worm, one of the very first web search engines created by University of Colorado professor Oliver McBryan. McBryan sold the technology to Idealab, then parent of in December 1999.« Source

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