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Launched Wikipedia: »The English version was the launched in June 2006, followed by the US version in August 2006 and the French version in February 2007. The Spanish version went live in the summer of 2007 and a relaunch occurred in January 2008.«
Closed March 2016

Developer CMPMedica [provider of healthcare information and education and part of United Business Media]

Country of Origin UK

2006 - [...] CMPMedica [provider of healthcare information and education and part of United Business Media]

Topic SeEn for Health & Medical Information

Region No Limitation

SeEn using a white list of selected sites
Crawler-based, algorithmic SeEn

Used SeEn SearchMedica

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite

SearchMedica is a special search engine for medical information. The engine is developed by and for medical professionals. First launched in 2006, the engine offered four regional versions for UK, US, France and Spain. Today only the “*.com” version works in the original way. The engine searches PubMed, health-related government websites and authoritative clinical sites. The Spanish and French versions are closed today and the UK version uses a Google costume search. The search engine is a product of CMPMedia a health care information provider from UK. [kd2015]

Wikipedia: »SearchMedica ( is a specialist medical search engine for medical professionals. There are currently 4 localized versions:, which targets UK GPs and medical professionals, and including clinical, drug and research data to the latest NICE, PCT or Department of Health guidelines.« Source

The British version of SearchMedica today uses a Google Costume Search [kd2015]. Wikipedia: » ( with sections for nine therapeutic areas (cardiovascular, diabetes/endocrine, hematology/oncology, infectious, mental/nervous system, musculoskeletal, pediatric, radiology and respiratory) as well as all of medicine (content from all of the foregoing specialties and more) and practice management. Includes data from PubMed (Medline citations) as well as numerous other health-related government websites and hundreds of authoritative clinical sites, analyzed and approved by medical specialists. (, a version for the French market with a focus on medical websites in French [The french version isn't available today, kd2015]. (, a Spanish version. [...] SearchMedica [...] has been set up using search engine technology from Convera.« Source

Bradley, Phil (Aug 22, 2006): »Search Medica is a search engine that has been specifically designed for GPs (General Practitioners or Doctors) to use. Pulse, a UK weekly news magazine for doctors conducted research that seemed to suggest that doctors were unhappy with the results of the medical searches that they were running on traditional search engines. Consequently Search Medica has been produced in conjunction with doctors to provide them with a very specific and tailored search experience.« Source


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