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Danny Sullivan (2004): Search Engine Timeline - »06/09/98 - NBC purchases a stake in Cnet's Snap Directory.« ---------- »08/05/98 - Snap introduces personalized services.« ---------- »May 1999 - NBC forms a new company, NBC Interactive, which uses Snap as the basis to integrate material from Snap, Xoom and NBC's own content.« ---------- »Jun. 1999 - Snap has announced a deal with GlobalBrain to make use of personalized results technology.« ---------- »Nov. 1999 - Snap member-based LiveDirectory service« Source

Sullivan, Danny (Mar 3, 2003): »Rest In Peace: ... Snap (1997-2001): Launched by CNET in 1997, Snap first used Infoseek, then Inktomi, then created its own directory of human-edited listings that were coupled with clickthrough technology that ranked results in part by what people clicked on. NBC later acquired a majority interest in the company, then renamed it NBCi and intended to win the "portal wars" with the site. But as with Disney and Infoseek, the site's internal search technology was abruptly closed in early 2001. It is currently powered by meta search results from Infospace.« Source


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»If you have a general subject in mind (like "baseball"), type the word in the Search box and click the Search button. Snap will search its entire collection of hand-picked sites for those that mention your word. If no matching sites are found, Snap automatically searches the rest of the Web for results« Source


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