Since December 2018 or earlier, the website no longer displays results.

Language Multilingual

Launched 2005 or earlier
Closed Since December 2018 or earlier, the website no longer displays results.

Developer Sherman, Robert

Country of Origin Israel

2005 - 2012 SweetIM
2012 - [...] Perion

Topic Universal

Region No Limitation

Search Interface / Search API
Browser Hijack, Spyware, Adware (installed without the users permission)

Used SeEn Bing

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite

Originally »SweetIM Technologies Ltd. develops technologies and content for online platforms. The company offers SweetIM, a fun upgrade for web based application, including Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo, and AIM & ICQ instant messenger applications. Its platform adds fun emoticons (smileys), animations (winks), flash games, videos, sounds, nudges, display pictures, backgrounds, and other fun stuff to user’s messengers. The company was founded in 2005 and is based in Raanana, Israel.« Source

Today it is a search interface using Bing. Source


Critical points

SweetIM offers next too the search engine a toolbar and desktop search, witch earns a lot of critics. See e.g.: Source

Features & Functionality

The Image search is a link to the Google Image search [kd2016].


References & further Publications

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Other Sources

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Created: 2013-03-16