JoeAnt is an interesting project, but it is a web directory, not a search engine.

Language English

Launched 2001
Closed No

Developer Unknown

Country of Origin US America

2001 - [...]

Topic Universal

Region No Limitation

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About JoeAnt »Former volunteer guides who wanted to keep their community alive by creating a new directory founded It is a community where every editor has the opportunity to make a difference by finding and adding the best sites in their chosen topics. was originally launched in the spring of 2001. We soon realized that our rapid growth required some changes. We introduced a new look in August 2002 with changes which included a fully spiderable index, faster results in searches, and better tools for our editors.« Source

SEO Logic® (01/29/03): »When the Disney company decided it no longer had any use for its troop of Go Guide volunteers, many of them decided to find ways to continue organizing the Internet. One group of former Go Guide volunteers banded together to start JoeAnt, a volunteer-edited directory with many unique features, and a very relaxed attitude.

JoeAnt was conceived by a group of a dozen former (Disney) Go Guides and launched on May 24, in the spring of 2001. Within a year, it had become clear that the founders had been onto something special when they started. They redesigned and rebuilt the site, recreating the back-end enabling the directory to be indexed by search engine spiders, adding several new tools for editors, and improving the performance of the search engine, then re-launched in August of 2002.« Source History

»December, 1999: Received word that Disney's Internet portal,, was planning a major overhaul and current editors for the once popular online directory were no longer a part of their online strategy.

May, 2001: launches, providing a new home for the inseparable community. BusinessWeek gives us a huge shout out.

August, 2002: A new look was revealed that we hoped would handle the growing ant infestation. Notable changes included optimized search queries, additional editing tools and a much friendlier index.

December, 2004: JoeAnt's 10,000th editor volunteers.

February, 2007: JoeAnt's 20,000th editor volunteers. Over 9,400 accounts have been deleted to-date for violations and inactivity.

2019: As of 2019 - has been mentioned in over 30 books in 5 different languages.« Source


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