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Robot: AskJeeves (Source)

Robot: Direct Hit Grabber (Source)

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Danny Sullivan (2004): Search Engine Timeline - »08/19/98 - The Direct Hit ranking system debuts on HotBot.« ---------- »11/02/98 - Netscape begin trial of Direct Hit.« ---------- »Jan. 1999 - Direct Hit announces the availability of personalized search results. LookSmart also announced as the company's newest partner to use its popularity engine results.« ---------- »Feb. 1999 - HotBot's top results begin coming from the Direct Hit's popularity ranking system by default, rather than this being an alternative choice available to users.« ---------- »Jul. 1999 - Direct Hit announced to begin refining the Open Directory listings at Lycos and appears in a "Top 10" button model at MSN Search.« ---------- »Aug. 1999 - MSN Search unveils a new beta site that makes use of RealNames, LookSmart and AltaVista data. Direct Hit information is also offered.« ---------- »Sep. 1999 - « ---------- »Oct. 1999 - MSN Search begins featuring Direct Hit links more prominently than since its relaunch.« Source

Sullivan, Danny (Mar 3, 2003): »Rest In Peace: ... Direct Hit (1998-2002): When Google first appeared as the hot new search technology in 1998, so did Direct Hit, featuring the ability to measure what people clicked on in search results as a way to make those better. It gained a deal with HotBot and was offered as a search feature on other portals such as Lycos and MSN. It was purchased by Ask Jeeves in 2000, then neglected over the following years. The site was formally closed in early 2002.« Source


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