Voila [web search]

Language French

Launched 1998
Closed Since 2014 Voila didn't offer a web search engine and works now as local search.

Developer France Télécom

Country of Origin France

1998 - 2014 France Télécom

Topic Universal

Region France

Web Portal
Search Interface / Search API

Used SeEn Echo

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite

Voila was a French web portal owned by France Télécom. It was launched in 1998 and operated till 2014; today it works as a local search for French cities. Like a typical web portal it offered next to mail or chat opportunities a web and news search. They used the search engine Echo, developed by Christophe Dupont, Michel Bisac and Christophe Ruelle. The engine focused on French web sites and offered a general web search too. As of Wikipedia in 1998 the engine was the second leading engine in France behind Yahoo and had indexed 120 million international and 6 million French web sites, in 1999 and 500 million French web sites in 2007 [kd2016].

Wikipedia: »Juillet 1998 : Le moteur Echo devient Voila, alors le deuxième moteur de recherche le plus fréquenté en France derrière Yahoo! ; France Telecom détient désormais 34 % du capital. [...] 1999 : 120 millions de sites Web internationaux sont référencés, dont 6 millions sont français. Wanadoo utilise le moteur Voila. [...] 2007 : 500 millions de sites francophones.« Source


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