Claymont Search Engine

According to the website, a new version is being planned.

Claymont was one of the older search engines, it started in 1997 and was founded by Mark McLellan. The American search engine offered a web search and a web directory. The website has been offline since 2016, and according to the website, a new version of Claymont is planned.

Language English

Launched 1997
Closed 2016

Developer McLellan, Mark

Country of Origin US America

1998 - 2007 McLellan, Mark
2007 - [...] Landmark Communications

Topic Universal

Region No Limitation

Technical functionalities
Crawler-based, algorithmic SeEn

Used SeEn Claymont Search Engine

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite

»CLAYMONT.COM, was founded by Mark McLellan, co-founder of InternetSeer, and is a web-based search engine that allows users to search and retrieve specific information online. is another example of great technology developed and combined with Mind Drivers to provide the strategic direction and management necessary to allow it to grow and prosper. was sold to Landmark Communications in July 2007 as a division of InternetSeer.« Source


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