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Language Multilingual

Launched 2007
Closed No

Developer Rühl, Steffen

Country of Origin

2007 - [...] yasni GmbH

Topic People SeEn

Region No Limitation

Technical functionalities
Meta SeEn

Used SeEn

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite

»Yasni is a German people search engine, operated by yasni GmbH. It aggregates search results from external sources and is therefore a meta search engine.Yasni was founded in 2007 by Steffen Rühl. In 2008, the Swiss Mountain Business Angels came on board as investor group, whereupon Yasni expanded and went online with an international version in 19 regions and 14 languages (September 2012).« Source


Critical points

»The criticism of Yasni mostly refers to the field of search engines, which is, concerning privacy issues, rated as questionably, because (although publicly available) search results are displayed in a dossier-like overview. Yasni also participates in a few fundamental decisions regarding internet privacy. There is likewise criticism regarding search engine optimization, which ensures that search results of Yasni push down are "real" search results in Google.« Source

Features & Functionality

Besides the simple search there is also the possibility to regularly receive newly found search results by email or to actively place a missing person ad. With the so-called PeopleSearch Yasni developed a tool in 2009 to find people which match with certain keywords. Yasni enables its users to register a free user account ("Exposé") and add the already found search results to it. With extended features such as adding own links, texts, or images or the creation of a business card Yasni allows people to differentiate themselves from namesakes and pursue active reputation management. With all that Yasni also allows its users the popular communication and interlinking possibilities of a social network. Since 2009 Yasni has offered Premium accounts, with which the user can choose further functions - dependant on the selected premium product - within the fields “online presentation” or "search" that are liable to costs. Source


References & further Publications

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