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The Northern Light news search changed very much over the years. The first version was available from 1999 till to 2003 Next to general news they had a lot business, investment and technology news and offered tools to limit or sort results. From the middle of 2003 till 2009 the free news web search was closed and Northern Light offered the “NL Business Research Library”, which needed registration and a monthly fee (for more information see Paula J. Hane [2003]). Since 2009 the free Northern Light news search is back again, see “Northern Light [2009 - …]” in this archive [kd2015].

Language English

Launched 1999 or earlier
Closed Sommer 2003

Developer Northern Light Group, LLC

Country of Origin US America

1999 - 2003 Northern Light Group, LLC

Topic News SeEn

Region No Limitation

Technical functionalities
Crawler / robot based SeEn using a white list of selected sites
Crawler-based, algorithmic SeEn

Used SeEn Northern Light Search

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite

1997 Northern Light started as a General Web SeEn. Since 1999 they offer a News SeEn. For more information about Northern Light web search see: Source

Hane, Paula J. (December 8, 2003): »Seuss explained that things are definitely different now. The main issue in the past was economic, he said. “We had a profitable enterprise business but an unprofitable Web search business, plus high search costs.” The company will no longer compete in the free Web search arena. “Nothing is free anymore,” he added.« Source


»Northern Light was the name of a clipper ship built in Boston in 1851. It had a radical new design, being sharply raked below the water line. The new design was a great success and the Northern Light became known for its speed and ground-breaking technology. In 1853, the Northern Light captured the public's attention by winning a widely-publicized race from San Francisco to Boston against two other highly regarded clipper ships.«

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Hane, Paula J. (December 8, 2003): Northern Light Is Sailing Back into Business Research URL:

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