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Mojeek is a British search engine with its own crawler. It was developed by Marc Smith and launched in 2004. Mojeek gives a no-tracking approach to pursue.

In 2017, Mojeek, together with EMRAYS Technologies, launched the demo of the world's first emotional search engine. The content of Mojeek's index of nearly 2 billion websites is analyzed using EMRAYS Technologies Deep Learning algorithms and rated with 5 emotions - "love", "laughter", "surprise", "sadness" and "anger". Most of the websites, most of which are written in English, have already been analysed.

EMRAYS Technologies uses a recurring neural network to evaluate the websites and performed millions of calculations. The prevailing emotion is displayed next to the search results. The user can now refine his results categorized according to emotions.

Among the individual results Mojeek offers a "See more results from ..." -function. If you select this function, further results of a special web offer matching the search term will be displayed.

Furthermore Mojeek offers a picture search, whereby it is not clear when this started and since 2012 a news search is offered.


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