ZenSearch was started in 1997 by James T Kendall. Initially ZenSearch was an editorial search engine. In the first year, the search engine was run by James T Kendall alone. In 1998, an editorial team worked on the selection and evaluation of the sources, and a directory was offered in addition to the search engine. The first location of the company was Georgia, USA.

In 2000 ZenSearch was acquired by the Philippine company Icthus.Net Communications. They offered ZenSearch as a web portal with e-mail, discussion forum etc., Google was used as a search engine.

In 2013 ZenSearch ApS, based in Denmark, took over the website. It is now a search interface without its own results page, the queries are forwarded directly to the offered providers such as Amazon, Google or Reddit. It is a multisearch, whereby the selection of the search provider is made by letter abbreviations during the search input (e.g.: Enter "g:gardening" to search for "gardening" on Google.).

Language English

Launched 1997
Closed February 2019

Developer James T Kendall

Country of Origin US America

1997 - 1998 James T Kendall
1998 - 2000 ZenSearch, Inc (Georgia, USA)
2000 - 2013 Icthus.Net Communications (Philippines)
2013 - [...] ZenSearch ApS (Denmark)

Topic Universal

Region No Limitation

Technical functionalities
Manually by an editorial team selected sites search engine
Search Interface / Search API
Multi Search
Keyboard Shortcut SeEn

Used SeEn ZenSearch
Google Search Engine

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite


Critical points

Features & Functionality

»Use Search Prefixes to search different sites
At ZenSearch we value freedom of choice. While most toolbar and start page providers lock you in to one specific search engine, we go in the opposite direction.

Search dozens of different search engines and sites using our single search box, simply by prefixing your search query with a short prefix.« Source


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Created: 2019-02-16