Language English

Launched 2000
Closed 2001

Developer, Inc

Country of Origin US America

2000 - 2001, Inc

Topic Universal

Region US America

Technical functionalities
Pay-per-click (PPC) search engine

Used SeEn BigWhat

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite

» Inc. in Bradenton has launched a map-based search engine at Users can choose a global or local search, and are presented high-speed results to the queries. With a local search, in 22,000 U.S. cities results are presented as targets superimposed over a map interface.« Source

Paul A. Boivin: »July 2001: Multiple URLs Bid System: developer
The objective of this project was to upgrade Big What's (pay-per-click search engine) bidsystem to allow webmasters to manage multiple URLs. Previously this system had a one-on-one account/URL relationship. My responsibilities were to plan the upgrade, manage resources, modify and implement the data model (MS-SQL, Texis), modify the XML, ASP, JSP, and Java code used to interface MS-SQL and Texis, QA and roll-out to production. The new system went on-line in June 10 and contributed to BigWhat's 30% account increase. ...

May 2001: Mapped Search Result Display: developer
This project was an upgrade from the previous system using an older C GIS API. I was the architect, project manager and developer for this project, which employed 3 programmers. In a nutshell the client's query was initially passed to the Texis database containing more than 1 million entries from which only state information was passed to a client-side application that would make a long/lat to pixel conversion and generate layers displaying the selected state. After selecting the state the query was passed to complex interface, which would make the following trip between the Texis db and the customized GIS mapping solution. ...

January 2001: Reporting System: developer
Actually this project lasted the duration of time I was the company. I wrote a custom admin system that would pull from the data model all the desired information dictated by the business model. Besides normal reports of sales, account created, active. The system reported customer trends that would later help modify the business model and also track possible credit card fraud. ...

November 2000: Bid System: project manager developer
When I arrived at BW this bidding system had already been through a first phase of development subcontracted to My role was to audit the code, assess the gaps between the software system and the business model, and coordinate code modifications with MF's programmers, QA and bring the system live. ...

August 2000: Search Engine Map Interface: developer
For this project I had to modify an existing C API provided by Texis to dynamically generate GIF images consisting of layers of coordinates of search results and text display on a template that consisted of a map of the US. Localized search being the basic of BW's business model, this system had to accurately and quickly (response time was under 0.5 second) display geocentric search results. I had to modify the C code's projection system and customize the GD lib functionality to accommodate how the client wanted the UI to be represented. The pixel coordinates were all HREF that generate a result set for that particular state. « Source


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