Peekier started 2016. Where the search engine is from and who is the developer and owner is unknown. Peekier claims to be an anonymous search engine, which is hard to judge if you don't know who is behind it. The results page shows a preview of the indexed pages. This gives the user the opportunity to evaluate the result pages without entering them. The content is a combination of the results of an own crawler and the content of Bing.

Language Multilingual

Launched 2016
Closed No

Developer Unknown

Country of Origin Unknown

2016 - [...] Unknown

Topic Universal

Region No Limitation

Technical functionalities
Crawler-based, algorithmic SeEn
Meta SeEn
Result page preview
Anonymous / private searching

Used SeEn Peekier

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite

Saikat Basu (2017): »Any search engine that does not store user data is always worth a try. Peekier is among the new privacy conscious search engines that was made popular by DuckDuckGo. Their policy reiterates that do not log your personal info or track you throughout your browsing sessions. You also might like the clean design and the fast results delivered in little preview cards. The search results are taken from Bing.« Source

Phil Bradley (2017):»Rather than the usual text links it's more of a visual results engine which gives you tiled results for your queries. [...]

You can mouseover an image and see it larger on the screen and you can scroll around the page, but you can't click to go to other pages on the site, which is common with other engines that use this approach. It pulls its results from Bing rather than Google, so you've got a nice alternative. Of course there are plenty of limitations with it - you can't search for images, news, video and so on. However, as you can see from the search bar, it is giving you some suggested search options that you can try. « Source


»Peek through search results fast and securely on a search engine that respects your privacy.« Source

Critical points

Features & Functionality

»A homegrown crawler is used but most search results are interspersed with existing search engine results.« (Bing) Source


References & further Publications

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Created: 2019-01-01