Desearch is a search engine from BitClave which started in 2018. Its content focuses on crypto information, for other content it uses Bing. Desearch is a decentralized search engine - based on blockchain - which claims not to share user data and to respect the privacy of its users. Crypto related search results are clearly displayed on a dashboard.

Language English

Launched 2018
Closed No

Developer BitClave

Country of Origin US America

2018 - [...] BitClave

Topic Universal

Region No Limitation

Technical functionalities
Anonymous / private searching

Used SeEn desearch

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite

Christian Stewart (2018): »BitClave [The name of the search engine is desearch, Bitclave is the provider.] is a decentralized search engine built with blockchain to protect user privacy. This search tool empowers consumers by allowing them to choose what info they share with advertisers. BitClave eliminates middlemen in the advertising process, by making the contract directly between the user and advertisers. It then incentivizes users by giving them Consumer Activity Tokens (CAT) for making searches relevant to the advertiser.« Source

»The Desearch Crypto Search Engine is the world's first crypto-focused search engine. Desearch is the BitClave mission in action. You can utilize Desearch for all your crypto information needs and curiosities, in one easy dashboard and without ads. It gives you top crypto news from trusted, relevant websites, and it works intelligently to gather the essentials on whatever topic you like. The team is continually working on improving and clinching the product. Recently, the design of the search engine was updated, new features for comfortable and optimal handling were added.« Source


decentralized search

Critical points

Features & Functionality


Example results page for "sand": Source

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BitClave (2018): DeSearch-Once Source for all Things Crypto URL:
Chrisjan Pauw (2017): Decentralized Search Engine Explained URL:

Created: 2019-01-01
Source: BitClave