Language English

Launched Dec 2003
Closed 2008 or later

Developer, Inc.

Country of Origin US America

2003 - 2008 WhamTech, Inc.

Topic Universal

Region No Limitation

Technical functionalities
Robot/Crawler based, algorithmic search
Parallel Search

Used SeEn

Robot: DaviesBot (Source)

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite

ONLINE Magazine (March 2000): » ( plans to expand its page indexing operations, including cataloging and storage of all words on almost all Web pages, to more than ten million pages per day in January--anticipating analysis and cataloging of over one billion pages by June 30, 2000. Users can search this content, then manipulate search results by relevancy, word weighting, popularity, and/or link analysis. The search engine combines its proprietary very large database (VLDB) technology with features, technology, and capabilities of existing search engines.« Source

Greg Nottes (1999): » is an up and coming technology to watch. It promotes the use of its very large database technology as a way to build much larger Web search engines, update them more frequently, and offer better relevance. I have seen a demonstration of the technology which looks promising, but it is not yet available in any version that searchers can use.« Source

Greg Nottes (March 2000): » is undertaking an ambitious goal that will compete directly with Fast's rate of growth. has no public search site at this point, but it has announced the ambitious goal of indexing one billion Web pages by June 30, 2000. Its demonstration database allows the user to determine the weight of search terms and, in the advanced search, which ranking criteria to use.« Source


The name shows the ambitious goal of indexing the entire web at the beginning of the 2000s [kd].

Critical points

Features & Functionality


References & further Publications

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Other Sources

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