A9 was founded in 2003 by Amazon. The goal was to develop technologies for search and advertising purposes. The website was online from 2004 to 2009. A web search was offered, the contents of which were provided by various search engines (Google, MSN Live Search). Particularly the tabs on the right side of the screen were. They could be used to view search history, view relevant pages, bookmarks and notes about websites. In addition, the search could be extended to over 400 different sources, including books (via Amazon), images (via Google), encyclopedia entries (via Wikipedia) and films (via IMDb). The results could be viewed in different columns and sorted by source.'s technology is used to search and other websites.

Language English

Launched 2004
Closed 2009


Country of Origin US America

2004 - 2009

Topic Universal

Region No Limitation

Technical functionalities
Search Interface / Search API
Pay-per-click (PPC) search engine
Search Portal

Used SeEn Google Search Engine
MSN Live Search

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite

Wikipedia: » originally operated a search portal, along with an A9 toolbar, which was first demonstrated on April 14, 2004. The service featured some innovative design elements, allowing users to choose from over 400 sources to search and view results in separate columns grouped by source. In addition to web search results, users could get product search results from Amazon, encyclopedia results from Wikipedia, movie information from IMDb, and others, starting in September 2004. Web search results were provided by different search engines over time. The search portal functionality was discontinued in 2008.

A9 was created by in 2003 as an independent company aimed at producing technology for search and advertising. They moved into the building previously used by the DEC Systems Research Center in Palo Alto, California. [...] The office was in Silicon Valley, near Stanford University. Under the direction of its first president, Udi Manber, A9 focused on several areas, including the destination website, product search, and a search advertising platform. Some early A9 services such as "search inside the book" continued, while others have been discontinued. The A9 search engine powers product search for and several other eCommerce retailers.« Source

Crunchbase: »Brian Pinkerton is the VP & General Manager for A9.COM Inc. He joined in 2003 as Principal Engineer.« Source


»One purpose of was to leverage algorithms, and the name was chosen as a numeronym to represent that word (i.e. 'A' + 9 other letters).« Source

Critical points

Features & Functionality

»Adjustable Columns: Simply drag the boundaries between the columns either to the left or the right to change the width of the different result sets (web, books, history). You can also close any column at any time. The next search will remember these new settings (if you allow cookies). This feature does not currently work on all browsers (but we're working on it!).

URL Short Cuts: At you can search directly from the browser URL box by typing:

Search History: All your searches at are stored on our servers and shown to you at any time from any computer you use. Clicking on a link performs the search again. You can hide the window at any time. You can edit your history, for example, to clear an entry.

Click History: If any of the web search results include a site that you have seen before, it's marked on the result. We even tell you the last time you visited that site.

Site Info: Place the cursor on one of the Site Info buttons to see a lot more information about that site without leaving the search result page.

Web Search: Web search results are provided by Google.

Search Highlighter: The toolbar will automatically highlight your search terms in a light yellow. By using the highlighter menu, you can see how many times your search terms appear on the page, and jump to each occurrence of a specific word. Hint: You don't have to do a search to use the highlighter. Just type one or more words in the search box and click the highlight button.

Your History: Keep track of your last sites visited (on any computer) and your most recent searches. It will keep track of the Web pages you recently visited--even if you switch computers.

Diary: This is the newest and (we think) coolest feature of the toolbar. You can take notes on any web page, and reference them whenever you visit that page, on any computer that you use. Your entries are automatically saved whenever you stop typing or when you go to another page.« Source


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