Vertical Search Engines


[1075]closed A9 [Image Search]
[1077]closed A9 [Movie Search]
[430]closed Acoon [Image Search]
[533]closed [Image Search]
[534]closed Alexa [Image Search]
[514]closed AllPlus [Image Search]
[515]closed AllPlus [Video Search]
[539]closed alot [Image Search]
[540]closed alot [Video Search]
[542]active AOL [Image Search]
[185]closed AOL [Music Search]
[184]active AOL [Video Search]
[585]closed Ask Jeeves [Picture Search]
[320]closed Ask [Picture Search]
[586]active Ask [Video Search]
[967]closed Audioclipping **
[527]active AvantFind [Image Search] ***
[528]active AvantFind [Video Search] ***
[359]closed Babylon [Image Search] The page is still available, but does not offer any results, December 2018.
[360]closed Babylon [Video Search] The page is still available, but does not offer any results, December 2018.
[748]active Baidu [Image Search]
[1161]active Baidu [Video Search] ***
[935]closed benefind [Image Search]
[1162]closed benefind [Video Search]
[601]active Bing [Image Search]
[602]active Bing [Video Search]
[1079]closed blekko [Image Search]
[1080]closed blekko [Video Search]
[186]closed Blinkx
[1085]closed BotBot [Audio Search]
[1083]closed BotBot [Image Search]
[1084]closed BotBot [MP3 Search]
[1086]closed BotBot [Video Search]
[1088]closed Brightgate [Audio Search]
[1089]closed Brightgate [File Search]
[1087]closed Brightgate [MP3 Search]
[1093]closed byteSearch [MP3 Search]
[1091]closed byteSearch [MultiMedia Search]
[1114]closed Cantufind [Audio Search]
[1112]closed Cantufind [Images Search]
[1113]closed Cantufind [Video Search]
[617]closed Carrot2 Image Search
[928]active CC Search
[631]active Clearch Images
[188]closed Clipblast!
[645]closed Clipul
[544]active Conduit Image Search ***
[545]active Conduit Video Search ***
[718]closed Congoo Images
[550]closed Copernic Audio Search
[548]closed Copernic Image Search
[549]closed Copernic Video Search
[722]closed CurryGuide Image
[723]closed CurryGuide MP3 Search
[880]closed DevilFinder Image Search
[881]closed DevilFinder Video Search
[172]closed Ditto see the web
[476]closed Do Great Good [Images]
[477]closed Do Great Good [Video]
[555]closed Dogpile Audio Search
[552]active Dogpile Image Search
[553]active Dogpile Video Search
[740]active DotHop Image Search ***
[741]active DotHop Video Search ***
[930]active Draze Image Search
[931]active Draze Video Search
[558]active DuckDuckGo Image Search The search engine that doesn't track you.
[559]active DuckDuckGo Video Search The search engine that doesn't track you.
[560]active Ecosia Image Search
[561]active Ecosia Video Search
[705]active Elliot for water Images Search ***
[706]active Elliot for water Video Search ***
[692]closed emoji2video
[563]active Entireweb Image Search
[419]closed Euroseek [Image Search]
[173]active everystockphoto ***
[567]active Image Search RELEVANT WEB SEARCH ***
[568]active Video Search RELEVANT WEB SEARCH ***
[574]closed Exalead Image Search
[576]closed Exalead Video Search
[579]active Excite Images Search
[582]closed Excite Photo Search
[581]closed Excite Search Audio & Video
[578]active Excite Video Search
[900]closed FILEZ
[1042]closed findx Image Search
[1043]closed findx Video Search
[1140]active Fireball Bilder [Image Search]
[1142]active Fireball [Video Search]
[1015]active GIPHY **
[837]closed Gjirafa Imazhe [Image Search]
[1143]active Gjirafa [Video Search]
[174]active Google images
[189]active Google videos [formerly Google video]
[752]closed Govome Image Search
[753]closed Govome Video Search
[1218]closed Guruji [Music Search]
[597]closed HotBot Image Search
[596]closed HotBot Video Search
[684]closed Hulbee Images
[686]closed Hulbee Musik
[685]closed Hulbee Videos
[715]closed IceRocket Image Search
[716]closed IceRocket Multi Media Search
[727]closed icq Search Video Search
[726]closed icq Search [Image Search]
[175]closed imagery
[176]closed ImageToss The Number one image search Engine!
[728]active Image Search
[729]active Video Search
[755]active Infospace Image Search one-stop search ***
[756]active Infospace Video Search one-stop search ***
[1046]closed Intelibuzz MP3 Search
[759]active iTools Image Search ***
[762]closed Ixquick Image Search
[764]closed Ixquick MP3 Search
[763]closed Ixquick Video Search
[766]active iZito Image Search
[769]closed iZito MP3 Search
[767]active iZito Video Search
[966]closed **
[819]closed Krstarica Slike [Image Search]
[1019]active Libero Immagini [Image Search]
[441]active Libero Video [Multimedia // MP3 // Audio // Video // Vitv]
[797]closed LYCOS Audio Search
[795]closed LYCOS Image Search
[796]closed LYCOS Video Search
[1034]active [Image search]
[1035]active [Video search]
[511]closed Mamma Image Search
[512]closed Mamma Video search
[943]active metacrawler Images Search [2017 - ...] ***
[944]active metacrawler Videos Search [2017 - ...] ***
[821]closed MetaGer Bilder [Image Search]
[825]closed Metaspinner Bilder [Image Search] Since December 2018 or earlier, the website no longer displays results.
[826]closed Metaspinner Video [Video Search] [NOTE: The side is still available, but offers no results, February 2018]
[799]active Monster Crawler Image Search Search The Web's Top Engines With Just One Click! ***
[800]active Monster Crawler Video Search Search The Web's Top Engines With Just One Click! ***
[803]closed Motherpipe Image Search No Tracking. No Spying. Just Search.
[802]closed Motherpipe Video Search No Tracking. No Spying. Just Search.
[898]active MusicSrch The Music Search Engine
[1096]active MyAllSearch [Image Search]
[1099]closed MyAllSearch [Music Search]
[1097]active MyAllSearch [Video Search]
[791]active MyWay Image Search
[792]active MyWay Video Search
[805]active mywebsearch Image Search
[806]active mywebsearch Video Search
[808]active Image Search
[809]active Video Search
[827]active Netguide Images
[828]active Netguide Vidéos [Video Search]
[177]closed Netvue
[621]closed Niice
[268]closed Odeo
[936]closed Ojooo Bilder Suche
[939]closed Ojooo PDF Suche
[937]closed Ojooo Video Suche
[830]closed Bildersuche [Image Search]
[831]closed Videosuche [Video Search]
[733]active Oscobo Image Search
[734]active Oscobo Video Search
[1052]active oSkope
[999]active Owinda [Image Search]
[1000]active Owinda [Videos Search]
[493]active PDF search engine. Fetches pdf files, ebooks, digital publications, presentations and electronic documents
[178]active Picsearch
[190]closed Pixsy [Image and Video Search]
[689]closed Plaff Bilder & Musik Die passende Antwort
[811]active Polycola Image Search ***
[812]active Polycola Video Search ***
[519]closed PolyMeta Image Search
[522]closed PolyMeta Video Search
[847]closed Privatelee Image Search
[845]closed Image Search
[626]closed Queryster Images
[785]active Qwant Image Search
[934]active Qwant Music Search
[788]active Qwant Video Search
[953]closed roooby **
[1184]closed Scour [MultiMedia Search]
[1102]active Search Encrypt [Image Search]
[1101]active Search Encrypt [Video Search]
[782]active Image Search
[783]active Video Search
[192]closed video
[1103]active Searchnu [Image Search] ***
[1104]active Searchnu [Video Search] ***
[1005]active searx [File Search]
[1006]active searx [Image Search]
[1008]active searx [Music Search]
[1011]active searx [Video Search]
[193]closed Semsix
[194]closed SingingFish
[183]closed SlideFinder Finding you the right slides
[922]closed The Music Artist Finder
[1026]active [Image search]
[1027]active [Music search]
[1024]active [Video search]
[978]active Spaactor **
[1151]closed SpeechBot
[779]active Startpage Image Search
[780]active Startpage Video Search
[927]active SVRF
[681]active Swisscows Images
[683]active Swisscows Music
[682]active Swisscows Videos
[497]active Swoogle Semantic Web Search ***
[1194]active Tenor GIF Search
[179]active TinEye Reverse Image Search
[657]closed Trooker find it. watch it. trook it.
[546]active Trovi Image Search
[547]active Trovi Video Search
[195]closed Truveo
[778]closed TurboScout [Audio/Video Search]
[774]closed TurboScout [Image Search]
[1121]active [Image Search]
[1124]closed [Image Search] ***
[1125]closed [Video Search] ***
[181]closed Visoo
[1144]closed WebCrawler Music
[1145]closed WebCrawler Photos
[1127]active WebCrawler [Image Search]
[1128]active WebCrawler [Video Search]
[1131]closed WebSearch [Audio Search]
[1130]active WebSearch [Image Search] ***
[1132]closed WebSearch [Multimedia Search]
[1133]closed WebSearch [Video Search]
[665]closed WebSEEk [Image and Video Search]
[483]closed WeSEE
[948]active WhaleSlide [Image Search]
[949]active WhaleSlide [Video Search]
[481]closed WiinkZ [Image Search]
[482]closed WiinkZ [Music]
[619]active Wikiwix The ultimate Wikipedia articles search engine ***
[620]active Wikiwix Image Search
[319]active Yahoo! IMAGES
[196]closed Yahoo! MUSIC
[456]active Yahoo! VIDEO
[885]active Yobi3D
[840]closed Youdao Image Search
[841]closed Youdao Video Search
[770]active ZapMeta Image Search
[771]active ZapMeta Video Search
[505]closed Zoo Image search
[504]closed Zoo Video search
[814]closed Zuula Image Search
[815]closed Zuula Video Search
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[696] 2TROM Audio Search
[698] 2TROM Image Search
[695] 2TROM MP3 Search
[697] 2TROM Video Search
[1020] 360DAILY