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Searchnu is a search engine of the Bandoo Media Inc. It is a search interface with its own homepage. Search queries are forwarded directly to The website is called a virus mainly because of its aggressive marketing strategy, as it installs its offers without the consent of users. The web, image and video search leads to leads to Ask and the news search is only a link to Google.

Language Multilingual

Launched 2012
Closed No

Developer Bandoo, Inc.

Country of Origin US America

2012 - [...] Bandoo, Inc.

Topic Universal

Region No Limitation

Technical functionalities
Search Interface / Search API
Browser Hijack, Spyware, Adware (installed without the permission of the user)
Search Portal

Used SeEn Ask Jeeves / Ask SeEn

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite

» domain and the domain belong to the IAC Search & Media, Inc. This company is known by the name Ask Jeeves Inc. It has a lot of popular domains on the web and the most famous of them is When something is searched for through the Searchnu search engine, the search results will redirect to and related websites. The user can still access Google, either by entering it in the address bar or by searching for it, but Searchnu is still the homepage. Searchnu has 3 "clones" which are, /409, and /421. However, removing Searchnu is easy following instructions.« Source


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Features & Functionality


Example results page for "sand": Source

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Created: 2017-05-01