Owinda from the Netherlands started in 2016 and was developed by Karel & Paul Rotteveel. Owinda combined crawler-based search results, presumably from Yahoo, with editorial rated content. The results selected by individuals are offered as links in the form of dashboard buttons.

Language English

Launched March 2016
Closed No

Developer Rotteveel, Karel & Paul

Country of Origin Netherlands

2016 - [...] Owinda

Topic Universal

Region No Limitation

Technical functionalities
Robot/Crawler based, algorithmic search
Editorial curation / human-selected results
Search Portal

Used SeEn Unknown

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite

Business Wire (2016): »Owinda has launched a search engine that uses people power to deliver superior search results and an improved search experience. The Owinda search engine combines automated searches with large-scale editorial curation, giving the search results a distinct human perspective.

Owinda displays human-powered results visually in ranked categories. These ‘dashboards’ are curated sets of websites oriented toward a particular topic. For example, search for ‘photos’ and Owinda will provide results from top-quality sites in various relevant categories.

Faster than any other search engine, Owinda starts to show human-crafted results as you type, instantly and from the very first letter. If no human results are available, the user can press ‘enter’ to get automated search results instead. Owinda already delivers human-selected results for millions of search queries, and the number of keywords covered is increasing by the day.

Owinda’s technology focuses not only on keywords, but also uses the human ability to understand the user’s intent and to determine the contextual meaning of a search. This approach improves search accuracy and helps users to discover more of the web.

‘The web is expanding at a rapid pace. To keep up with daily web trends, users can’t rely on algorithms alone. The human touch is essential to deliver accurate and relevant search results. Owinda takes a new approach to searching the web. It provides context to results and delivers information that is tailored to the user’s needs in a way that only humans can,’ says co-founder Paul Rotteveel.

Owinda’s founders are convinced that the human-curation element is something traditional search engines are missing. Co-founder Karel Rotteveel explains: ‘It is our belief that humans can play a crucial role in developing great search results. The input of people with intimate knowledge of online content enriches the search experience. We aim to aggregate that process on a totally new scale.’« Source


Critical points

Features & Functionality

»Owinda combines automated search results with editorial curation. Get human-selected results, visually displayed in dashboards.« Source


Example results page for "sand": Source

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