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Language English

Launched 2015
Closed No

Developer Mike Adams

Country of Origin US America

2015 - [...] Mike Adams

Topic Academic, Scientific or Educational SeEn

Region No Limitation

Technical functionalities
Anonymous / private searching
Crawler-based, algorithmic SeEn
Manually by an editorial team selected sites SeEn

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Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite

Amanda DiSilvestro (2017): »Good Gopher is a search engine for independent media and academia, created in 2015. This search engine boasts being “the world’s first privacy-protecting search engine that bans corporate propaganda and government disinformation.” It has been dubbed “the Internet for human knowledge”, supposedly allowing more independent and honest sites to rise to the top of search results –[...], many of these are still highly politically partisan. However, its roster also includes independent activists, journalists, scientists, bloggers, media websites, nonprofits for human interests, and more. Users can “like” certain sites they enjoy to help them move up in the SERPs, flag any sites that may have slipped through, and the engine will not track your searches or search behavior (a trend seems to be brewing here…).« Source

Jonathan Jarry (2018): »If you’re looking for a replacement to Google that “filters out corporate propaganda and government disinformation”, Adams suggests you use Good Gopher. Searching for “Washington Post”, for example, I was not shown the actual website of the Washington Post; instead, I was sent to TruthWiki, RealInvestigations.News,, and a whole alternate reality in which the newspaper churns out fake news and is beholden to Monsanto. Some of the “independent news websites” that Good Gopher sticks to and that aren’t owned by Mike Adams include far-right website and Alex Jones’ conspiracy epicentre« Source


Critical points

Media Bias/Fact Check (2017): »Overall, we rate GoodGopher a right biased conspiracy and pseudoscience website that is not credible in any way. Basically, this search engine is geared toward people who want to filter out reality.

Reasoning: Right, Conspiracy, Pseudoscience, Some Fake News

In review, GoodGopher is not actually a news source, but rather a search engine that only searches specific sources. Virtually every source they search is either a conspiracy, pseudoscience, questionable or right biased website. « Source

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Amanda DiSilvestro (2017): 6 innovative new search engines to keep an eye on URL:

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