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Sergi Mínguez y Juan C. Dürsteler (2009): »It uses relevant words ( tags ) to refine the queries and entice people to explore more than search. The interaction with the cloud of tags presents another innovative feature. When the user hovers over a tag he is capable of seeing a previsualisation of the search. This fast task allows him or her to navigate more intuitively seeing which could be the next step before choosing the final path. Save or share the query is another feature that is introduced with this application. However, due to the necessity to replace the results easily, Quintura doesn't use any visual approach to display the results. Therefore, the only important feature introduced with this software ( apart of a not very intuitive interface for kids ) is a fast navigational cloud of tags..« Source


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Michael Arrington (Feb 26, 2007): »The company, [...] has developed technology that clusters related search terms to the initial query and presents those terms as a tag cloud. Users can refine their searches by clicking on any word in the cloud – words that are closer and bigger than other words are more correlated to the initial query than other terms. Mousing over any word in the cloud shows related terms to that as well.« Source


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