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Language Tibetan

Launched August 2016
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Developer Tibetan language research center in Hainan

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Chen Xia (August 3, 2016): »Cloud Tibet, the world's first search engine dedicated specially to Tibetan-speaking people, has been launched for trial operation, the China News Service reported on Tuesday. Developed by a Tibetan language research center in Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai Province, Cloud Tibet will help Tibetan-speaking people access a variety of information in text, graphic and video formats, said Tselo, head of the development team. Also, the search engine will provide users with encyclopedia information, archive data and a Q&A service in Tibetan, Tselo said.« Source

Kangba TV (Feb. 9 2017): »Tselo, head of YongZin (the first Tibetan search engine worldwide), told the reporter from China News Service on Feb. 8 that, YongZin has accumulated 75 million hits with 600, 000 visitors every day since its operation in August, 2016. Started in April, 2013, YongZin Tibetan search engine has become the entrance for domestic Tibetan language websites, covering news, webpages, videos, music, images, Tibetan encyclopedia, Tibetan library and Tibetan answers. 89% of the operation personnel are Tibetan people. Besides in China, YongZin Tibetan search engine is also accessible in India, America, France, Japan, Nepal, Switzerland and other 38 countries and regions. As for the mobile clients, the iOS version has been downloaded for 27,100 times and the Android version has been downloaded for 56,349 times« Source


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