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Language English

Launched 2016
Closed No

Developer Sheng Zhong bioengineering lab at UC San Diego

Country of Origin US America


Topic Academic, Scientific or Educational SeEn

Region No Limitation

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Used SeEn GeNemo

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite (2016): »University of California San Diego bioengineers have created what they believe to be the first online search engine for functional genomics data. [...] The functions of an organism's genome, captured in functional genomic data, are directly relevant to health and disease. Functional genomics data record the diverse activities of every piece of an organism's genome. The new search system may lead researchers to uncover the functional aspects in specific parts of genomes that are associated with normal physiology or disease of specific organs and tissues.« Source


»The name GeNemo is a combination of "Ge" from the word gene and Nemo from the movie "Finding Nemo."« Source

Critical points

Features & Functionality (2016): »GeNemo addresses a pressing challenge: effectively searching functional genomic data from online data repositories. GeNemo queries user-input data against online functional genomic datasets, including the entire collection of ENCODE and mouse ENCODE datasets. Unlike text-based search engines, GeNemo's searches are based on pattern matching of functional genomic regions. Instead of just "searching by text," the new tool allows researchers to search inside the functional data. Searching for binding patterns that are similar to that of a novel transcription factor is just one example. "If you think of functional genomic data files as video files, then the 'text search' is like searching by keywords in the title or the description of a video file. The 'inside data search' is like searching for a video clip by pattern matching within the video itself," explained Zhong. « Source


References & further Publications

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