Language English

Launched 1996
Closed No

Developer Internet Solutions (IS) [1997, Dimension Data acquired Internet Solutions]

Country of Origin South Africa

1996 - 1997 Internet Solutions (IS) [1997, Dimension Data acquired Internet Solutions]
1997 - 2000 I-Net Bridge [Dimension Data and Bridge, I-Net Bridge is one of the biggest online business publishing venture in SA]
2000 - 2002 Johnnic
2002 - [...] Brabys

Topic Universal

Region South Africa

Technical functionalities
Robot/Crawler based, algorithmic search
Search Directory

Used SeEn Ananzi

Robot: Ananzi (Source)

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite

»About Ananzi: Ananzi is a search engine devoted to the South African (.za) domain. It currently indexes over 10000 pages within South Africa, and the number is growing daily. Ananzi uses the Harvest system developed at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Alongside the search engine, Ananzi's Catalogue is a category-based list of the best sites South Africa has to offer.

Ananzi was first created it in early 1996, making it the first South African search engine. In June 2000 it was re-engineered to make it one of the fastest search engines on the Internet. Ananzi currently indexes over 2 300 000 web pages related to South Africa, and the number is growing daily. Alongside the search engine, Ananzi's SA Site Directory is a hand-picked category-based list of the best sites South Africa has to offer.« Source

ITWeb (2000): »South African search engine Ananzi`s new look and feel went live this morning after testing over the weekend. The new site uses the popular Infoseek system combined with proprietary catalogue.

International searches use the Infoseek site, a part of the network.

"There are three important elements to [the redesign]," says Mark Buwalda, Ananzi business unit manager. "Speed, speed and quality. With South African bandwidth it must be fast. The page is as light as possible and we will continue to thin it down."

Buwalda says development on the new site started in late December. The Johnnic media subsidiary formerly known as Omni Media Corporation acquired Ananzi from I-Net Bridge in January.

"The acquisition certainly gave us the resources to bring in the best materials available," he says.

The various service sections of the site, including shopping and e-mail, have also been adapted to the new look, although the supporting systems remain the same.

"It is radically awesome," Buwalda says of the site and system. "It is up to par with anything in the rest of the world."

The only visible indication of Johnnic`s ownership on the new site is an advertising bar linking through to the parent`s other Internet properties, which include the Sunday Times and Business Day. Johnnic has indicated that Ananzi is to play a central role in its e-Ventures strategy as a traffic driver.

The company recently acquired a controlling stake in CareerJunction and plans to turn it into the biggest recruitment portal in the country.« Source

optimus: »Ananzi is a South African search engine that was created in 1996. Ananzi was South Africa’s first search engine. It focuses on South African websites and checks each website to ensure that they stay within the South African domain. In June 2000 the search engine was re-planned to enhance its features, thus becoming one of the fastest search engines on the World Wide Web. Ananzi, to date, indexes over 2 300 000 web pages within South Africa. Ananzi is one of the most popular search portals in South Africa and has over 450 000 visitors as well as over 10 million page impressions monthly.« Source


»Ananzi's name comes from a Demi-God of West African mythology. Ananzi is a trickster who delights in duping animals and men; tales of his exploits are wide spread in West Africa, the Carribean and South America.« Source

Critical points

Features & Functionality

»Ananzi consists of two sections: the SA Site Directory and the Search Engine (SA Web). In order however to get your site into the Ananzi search engine, you first have to submit it to the SA Site Directory - from where it would be spidered (indexed) and added to the search engine should it fit our acceptance criteria.« Source


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