Million Short

Million Short was developed by Sanjay Arora and launched in 2012. Million Short is a product of Toronto-based Exponential Labs. Based on Bing's search content and website ranking services such as, a search engine was developed that removes leading web sites from the results page. On the results page, a separate section shows which websites have been removed. Furthermore, the user can narrow down the results according to other less common criteria. The criteria are for example whether it concerns E-Commerce sides or whether a LIVE CHAT is offered. According to Sanjay Arora, an original goal of Million Short was to find out what the web looks like without leading offerings like Wikipedia,, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Language English

Launched 2012
Closed No

Developer Sanjay Arora

Country of Origin Canada

2012 - [...] Exponential Labs

Topic Universal

Region No Limitation

Technical functionalities
Long-Tail/Underweb Search
Robot/Crawler based, algorithmic search

Used SeEn Bing

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite

About: »At Million Short, we are committed to designing innovative technology to redefine internet search. In creating a differentiated search, we aim to provide alternative methods for organizing, accessing, and discovering the vast web of information on the Internet.

Million Short started out as an experimental web search engine that allows you to filter and refine your search results set. The thinking was that web searches yield the same popular sites. Million Short makes it easy to discover sites that just don't make it to the top of the search engine results for whatever reason – whether it be poor SEO, new site, small marketing budget, or competitive keywords. The Million Short technology gives users access to the wealth of untapped information on the web.

Fast forward to today, Million Short has made numerous updates to the engine, including international support, mobile and tablet optimization, browser search extensions and design updates. Our team is comprised of individuals who are dedicated to growing and powering the discovery of information for the world. Million Short is designed in Canada - our dedicated team works out of our head office in the heart of Toronto and continues to improve the way in which we search for information.« Source

JOSHUA COHEN (2015): » elides the top 100, 1,000, 10,000, 100,000 or one million results of your search, providing more direct connection to less popular chatter.« Source

SCOTT GILBERTSON (2012): »As Million Short notes, popularity is not an inverse corollary to quality, but when the same popular sites show up over and over in your results you are inevitably missing out on something. And that's what Million Short wants to show you.

It's important to realize that Million Short is removing the top websites not just the top search results for individual queries. It's also worth noting that Million Short doesn't disclose where its search results are from, nor how it calculates the top sites. [Update: Sanjay Arora, founder of Exponential Labs, tells Webmonkey that Million Short is using "the Bing API... augmented with some of our own data" for search results. What constitutes a "top site" in Million Short is determined by Alexa and Million Short's own crawl data.] « Source

Million Short It On Source

»In September 2012, Exponential Labs released Million Short It On, a site presenting a blind test between Million Short and Google search results. Users were presented with two sets of unbranded results for a given term, and instructed to determine which results were more useful. The project was based— both in name and concept— on Bing It On, a similar marketing campaign launched earlier that year, which, in turn, drew inspiration from the Pepsi Challenge in the 1970s.« Source


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