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Developer McCahill, Mark and Farhad Anklesaria, Paul Lindner, Daniel Torrey, and Bob Alberti

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Wikipedia: »The name was coined by Anklesaria as a play off of several meanings of the word "gopher." The University of Minnesota mascot is the gopher, a gofer (same sound) is an assistant who "goes for" things, and a gopher burrows through the ground to reach a desired location.« Source

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Wikipedia: »Because of licensing fees, and because the World-Wide Web was easier to use, the protocol did not fly. There are less than 100 gopher servers left. Most of them are run by universities. Most of them are rarely updated except for the ones run by enthusiasts of the protocol. A handful of new servers are set up every year by hobbyists - 25 have been set up and added to Floodgap's list since 1999 and possibly some more that have not been added. Today Gopher exists as an almost forgotten Source

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