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Yahoo-vs-Google is a comparison search developed by Christian Langreiter. For a search term, the ranking positions of a hit contained in both search engines are shown and compared.

The comparison hall uses Flash, a software that is less and less supported by web browsers.

Language English

Launched 2004 or earlier
Closed No

Developer Langreiter, Christian

Country of Origin Austria

2004 - [...] Langreiter, Christian

Topic Universal

Region No Limitation

Technical functionalities
Parallel Search
Comparison search engine
Visual results SeEn

Used SeEn Google Search Engine

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite

Sherman, Chris (Mar 22, 2005): »See visually how results compare on Google versus Yahoo.« Source

Rael Dornfest, Tara Calishain, Paul Bausch (2006): »Another site, developed by Christian Langreiter, adds a bit of analysis to the different sets of search results between Yahoo! and Google. If you have Flash installed, you can type a search query into the form at, and the site fetches the search results from both engines in the background using their open APIs. The site delivers the results in a chart, [...]
Each blue or white dot in the diagram represents a search result URL, and the position of the dot represents the ranking. The dots on the far left are the top search results, and the further right you go, the further down you go in the search results. The blue lines represent the same URL, so you can see exactly where Google and Yahoo! line up.
[...] that the top search result for "australian shepherd" is the same URL, but the lines aren’t as evenly matched further down in the results. As you hover over each dot, you see the URL, which you can click to visit that particular search result.
The white dots in the diagram represent a URL that one search has in the results that the other does not. And as this diagram demonstrates, neither search engine has a monopoly on matching pages, nor does each engine’s index have every page on a particular topic. « Source

SPRINT: »Die von Christian Langreiter als Experiment betriebene Metaanalyse-Suchmaschine „Yahoo! vs. Google“ ermöglicht einen Vergleich der Treffermengen von Yahoo und Google, sowie von und
Dabei gehen aus der Visualisierung, die nach dem Prinzip paralleler Koordinaten aufgebaut ist, Unterschiede in den Treffermengen und im Ranking der beiden Suchdienste hervor. Die Ergebnismenge wird durch Kreise auf zwei parallel verlaufenden Geraden dargestellt.« »« Source


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Features & Functionality


Example results page for "sand": Source

References & further Publications

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Other Sources

Rael Dornfest, Tara Calishain, Paul Bausch (2006): Hack #10. Compare Google and Yahoo! Search Results URL:

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