Gjirafa Lajme

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Gjirafa Lajme is the news search engine for Albanian content. It is part of the search portal Gjirafa. The results can be sorted by date or relevance and the content is assigned to different categories, which can be selected for result refinement. The results page contains text excerpts and photos.

Language Albanian

Launched 2014
Closed No

Developer Cahani, Mergim

Country of Origin US America

2014 - [...] Gjirafa, Inc.

Topic News SeEn

Region Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia

Technical functionalities
News Site Search // News Aggregator

Used SeEn Gjirafa Lajme

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite

SOUTHEAST EUROPE STARTUP REPORT 2017: »Gjirafa is for over 12 million of people who speak Albanian language worldwide, and who can’t search the Albanian web, due to their very unique language. Gjirafa, is an Albanian search engine and a news aggregator that uses natural language processing to finally make the Albanian web accessible to all.« Source


Gjirafa is Albanian for Giraffe.

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