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Yippy goes back to two predecessors, Clusty (2004-2015) and Vivisimo (2001-2006), the latter based on web search technologies developed by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University. All three search engines are meta-search engines that use clustering technologies to automatically group content. These groups are listed on the results page so that the user can dive deeper into the results thematically. Yippy works closely with IBM and has a license to use Watson Explorer (a sophisticated cloud clustering technology with categorization, deduplication and relevance methods).

Currently (November 2019) the content of Yippy News comes from Bing News.

Language English

Launched 2010
Closed No

Developer Yippy, Inc.

Country of Origin US America

2010 - [...] Yippy, Inc.

Topic News SeEn

Region No Limitation

Technical functionalities
Search Interface / Search API

Used SeEn Bing News

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite

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Features & Functionality


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Created: 2016-01-23