Draze News [2004-2006]

Language English

Launched 2004
Closed Dec. 2006

Developer 2Trom

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Used SeEn

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite

Draze is a meta search engine, launched in 2004 and owned by 2Trom (they formerly offered the same named search engine 2Trom and later GalaxyHit). Next to a web search they started with a news search, 2006 followed an image, video, blog and audio search. At the end of 2006 they closed all the vertical search engines. Since 2007, till the end of 2015 they offered a comparison search, where user can compare the results of the leading search engines used by Draze. In fall 2015 Draze changed from a comparison search engine to a family friendly search and updated the way it looked like. It is already a meta search and offers now again different vertical search engines: News, image, video, document, blog and groups search [kd2015].


»The name Draze means "cool" or "hot" or "great"« Source

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