Language English

Launched October 2004
Closed No

Developer Smith, Marc

Country of Origin UK

2004 - 2012 Smith, Marc
2012 - [..] Mojeek Limited

Topic Universal

Region No Limitation

Crawler-based, algorithmic SeEn
Anonymous / private searching

Used SeEn Mojeek

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite

History Source

»2004: Mojeek launched on 2 donated servers, on broadband, from Marc's bedroom! 2005: One of the first search engines to provide custom search: Have it your way with the Mojeek search engine« Source

»2006: First search engine to have a no tracking privacy policy: Web Archive 2006/03/18« Source

»2006: First search engine to allow theme'ing of custom search: Mojeek adds customization to personal search« Source

»2009: Accepted first investment from a private investor (£50,000). // 2011: Mojeek mentioned in a parliamentary debate: Hansard Debate on UK Search Engines« Source

»2011: After a complete rewrite (I know, I know), moved new servers into a datacentre for the first time! // 2011: New index starts being crawled and built from scratch. // 2012: New Mojeek launched: UK Company Launches Brand New Search Engine« Source

»2013: Received first major investment from group of private investors (£250,000). // 2014: Set new personal record of adding over 5 million new pages to our search index in a single day. // 2015: Mojeek's founder appears on BBC World's Global show and Radio 5 Live.« Source

»2015: First and only search engine in UK and one of just a handful worldwide to search over a billion pages!« Source


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