The idea of emoji2video is to search for YouTube videos by using emojis. The engine is developed by Spencer Cappallo, a PhD student within the Intelligent Systems Lab Amsterdam at the University of Amsterdam. Emoji2video is launched in autumn 2015 [kd2015].

Language English

Launched autumn 2015
Closed 2016

Developer Cappallo, Spencer (University of Amsterdam)

Country of Origin

2015 - [...] Cappallo, Spencer (University of Amsterdam)

Topic Music, Sound & Video SeEn

Region No Limitation

Technical functionalities
Video Search using YouTube

Used SeEn emoji2video

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite


emoji2video: using emojis to search for videos

Critical points

I think the associations between the emojis and the results are constructed on a subjective base. As Dorian Gorr (see the source at the end of this page) sad: you didn’t get, what you expected [kd2015].

Features & Functionality

Majaski, Christina (October 30, 2015): »Although the ability to express emotions while searching for a particular video might seem a little useless, the emoji search engine can be helpful in finding exactly what you need, quickly. Users can select one or more emoji from a list of over a thousand, which are then used to search over 45,000 YouTube videos. For example, if you select the chicken emoji plus the grinning emoji, the search engine leads you to a video of a grinning chicken.« Source


References & further Publications

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Other Sources

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Created: 2015-11-22