The idea of emoji2video is to search for YouTube videos by using emojis. The engine is developed by Spencer Cappallo, a PhD student within the Intelligent Systems Lab Amsterdam at the University of Amsterdam. Emoji2video is launched in autumn 2015.

Language English

Launched autumn 2015
Closed 2016

Developer Cappallo, Spencer (University of Amsterdam)

Country of Origin

2015 - [...] Cappallo, Spencer (University of Amsterdam)

Topic Music, Sound & Video Search engine

Region No Limitation

Technical functionalities
Video search using YouTube

Used SeEn emoji2video

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite


emoji2video: using emojis to search for videos

Critical points

I think the associations between the emojis and the results are constructed on a subjective base. As Dorian Gorr (see the source at the end of this page) sad: you didn’t get, what you expected [kd2015].

Features & Functionality

Majaski, Christina (October 30, 2015): »Although the ability to express emotions while searching for a particular video might seem a little useless, the emoji search engine can be helpful in finding exactly what you need, quickly. Users can select one or more emoji from a list of over a thousand, which are then used to search over 45,000 YouTube videos. For example, if you select the chicken emoji plus the grinning emoji, the search engine leads you to a video of a grinning chicken.« Source


References & further Publications

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Other Sources

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Created: 2015-11-22