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Language English

Launched 2010
Closed Now (2015) the Blinkx web site is optimezed for mobile search too. The "mobile" domain is closed.

Developer Chandratillake, Suranga & Kathy Rittweger

Country of Origin UK

2010 - [...] Blinkx

Topic Music, Sound & Video SeEn

Region No Limitation

SeEn for Mobile Devices
Video Search

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Phillips, Tom (18 May 2010): »Video on the mobile web is still in its infancy, with many smartphones, notably the iPhone, not supporting Flash; Flash being a bit rubbish even on many phones that do; many web video providers not offering an alternative to Flash; and HTML5, which should get round the whole thorny problem, still years away from being widely adopted. But that looks set to change – leading technology firm Cisco recently predicted that almost two thirds of the world’s mobile traffic will be video content within the next five years. In the UK, smartphone adoption has shot up 70% in the past year, according to research firm Comscore, meaning the market for mobile video is growing rapidly. Blinkx’s mobile video search gets round the problem of encountering video you then can’t play is the relatively simple one of not showing them to you in the first place – it only returns sites that are playable on your handset, specifically sites that offer MP4 files, which can be played by most modern smartphones, including the iPhone, HTC Desire and BlackBerry Bold 9700. The Blinkx mobile site also offers ways for users to browse videos as well as searching for specific clips or topics. The home page displays a ‘video wall’ offering popular and up-to-date clips, while greater emphasis on the site’s different sections allow users to focus on news, entertainment, sport and the like.« Source

PRNewswire (May 22, 2013): »The blinkx app, available through the Tizen store, will replicate the look and feel of the recently re-launched, tapping into over 35 million hours of online video and over 800 media partnerships to give mobile viewers access to an incredible array of high-quality videos. Whether searching for a specific clip or browsing categories such as News & Politics, Celebrity and Viral, users on the go will have the same immersive video experience they enjoy on« Source

Cellular News (23rd May 2013): »Tizen is a Linux based OS which has been promoted by the Linux Foundation as an alternative to the Android OS platform -- although the technical steering group is lead by Intel and Samsung. It evolved from the merger of Nokia's MeeGo and the LiMo platforms. Samsung expects to launch its first Tizen based smartphone later this year.« Source


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