Launched 2004
Closed 2009

Developer Kartoo.S.A.

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Meta search engine
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Sherman, Chris (Mar 22, 2005): »From the makers of visual meta search tool KartOO, this is a really slick service to try. Do your search, then scroll through the list. See something bad? Click the trash can icon, and the listing goes away. It's a great way to prune your results -- even better would have been if everything trashed brought up something new to look at. That would be a help for those who simply refuse to go past the first page of results. See something you like? Click the heart icon and you can rate the listing. This information is memorized, to help ensure the sites you choose to better in future searches. Unlike KartOO, Ujiko uses results from only one search engine: Yahoo.« Source

Sergi Mínguez y Juan C. Dürsteler (2009): »The display shows the results within an oval menu with an open center section where the user can flag specific results as relevant. The open section center is used to add information to the results. Coloured blocks help the user to identify nominal clusters. Another interesting feature of this search engine is that the more you use it, the more functions it is able to offer. Each time you visit a new site, you are gaining one point of expertise. With every 10 points, you move to the next level achieving new functionalities. This innovative feature uses the well known scheme of role games to engage the user in the application providing a progressive discovery of its possibilities and easing the learning curve. « Source


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Sullivan, Danny (Sep 29, 2004): iZito & Ujiko: Meta Search With Personality URL:
Price, Gary (April 30, 2004): Kartoo Launches a New Search Product: UJIKO URL:

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