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Launched March, 2002
Closed September, 2002

Developer Quigo

Country of Origin US America

2002 - 2002 Quigo

Topic Universal

Region No Limitation

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URLwire (April 24, 2002): »Quigo Technologies, Inc., has announced today the launch of – the first search destination to provide true 'Deep Web' search capabilities. Flipper uses Quigo's revolutionary search technology that indexes the Deep Web (or Invisible Web). Flipper users will now be able to find information not available on any other search engine. In addition to "Deep Web" results, Flipper also displays results from other search engines and from the Open Directory. "Existing search engines do not provide the user with the full picture of what's available on the web", says Yarden Tadmor, Quigo's Director of Products and Solutions, "Flipper is the first search destination to provide the most relevant information from the Deep Web as well as the Surface Web." Quigo's proprietary search technology uncovers database-driven web pages from the most major and authoritative sites in the world. Ironically, most major websites such as IMDb or Barnes & Noble are those that suffer most from the 'Deep Web' problem. After 2 years in development, Quigo has introduced the first technology in the world enabling full indexing of Deep Web sites. Quigo's index combines paid and non-paid listings. "Quigo now offers search partners like Flipper to use its search technology, and is quickly expanding its market reach", says Yaron Galai, Quigo's CEO, "We share revenues generated from paid listings with portals and search engines that use our engine. Our search partners benefit from high quality results while generating new revenues.” « Source


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Features & Functionality

URLwire (April 24, 2002): »Flipper offers several unique features that help users find the information they are seeking faster. One of the features is the unique grouping of Deep Web search results. Relevant search results from a specific website are grouped together, enabling Flipper to display dozens of relevant search results in a single line of text. This is achieved by placing a drop-down list with multiple options within the search result title. For example, typing the search term 'Bruce Willis' yields search results from and other major websites. In the drop-down list, the user will find links to all Bruce Willis movie pages available at, including 12 Monkeys, Die Hard, Armageddon, etc. Dozens of relevant movies are packed into one search result line, making the information quickly accessible by the user. "Grouping results in such a way, maximizes utilization of screen real-estate for portals who use the service", says Yaron Galai, Quigo's CEO. Another valuable feature is the "Preview" link displayed beside each of the Deep Web results. Clicking on this link opens a pop-up window with a snapshot of the information that the user can expect to find in the target page, thus pre-qualifying users and yielding higher conversion rates for advertisers. Categorization of Deep Web results is another unique feature that enables users to rapidly drill down to the exact information they are looking for. The category list is automatically generated according to the submitted query. For example, by searching for the term 'Bruce Willis' and choosing the "Performing Arts > Movies" category, displays only relevant search results for Bruce Willis within the Movies category.« Source


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