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Danny Sullivan (2004): Search Engine Timeline »6/16/97 - Infoseek launches Industry Watch beta, a service monitoring more than 500 leading news sources in 20 different categories, such as banking and computers.« ---------- Source

Information Today (April 1, 1998): »Infoseek Corporation has announced an agreement with NewsReal, the former corporate information division (CID) of Infoseek, which includes the licensing of Infoseek's Ultraseek Server search technology for use in NewsReal's Industry Watch personalized business news service, and the continued use of the Infoseek brand for 1 year. Under the terms of the agreement, Industry Watch will also serve as the daily news provider on Infoseek's Business Channel, offering business consumers products and services that integrate both Web-based and commercial information delivered directly to customers' desktops. According to the announcement, CID was separated from Infoseek in July 1997 so that it could better execute its strategy of aggregating personalized business news. …« Source


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