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Launched September 1999
Closed Since June 2005 redirects to Miva


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Sep 08, 1999 - Sep 15, 1999
Sep 15, 1999 - June 6, 2005

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Robot/Crawler based, algorithmic search

Used SeEn Inktomi

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»NEW YORK, Sept. 8, 1999 --, Inc.(OTC BB: FWHT), an Internet marketing and solutions company, today launches, (, a new Pay-for-Position(TM) search engine that provides a better search result for online users, and a cost-effective way for web publishers to drive qualified traffic to their sites. The search engine is powered by the Company's proprietary Pay-for-Position listing service. Similar to (NASDAQ: GOTO) operates as an online marketplace where web publishers use an automated bidding process to determine the per-click fee they will pay for premier placement on the search engine. E-commerce sites and information-based web publishers bid on keywords and key phrases that pertain to their particular sites. The web site publisher who offers the highest bid for the keyword or phrase appears first on the list of search results. Other sites pertaining to that particular keyword or phrase are ranked in descending order of their per-click bid price, with additional relevance ranked listings being supplemented by the Inktomi (NASDAQ: INKT) search engine database, insuring a robust search result for consumers.« Source

» was conceived as a new search engine offering better solutions both to web "surfers" trying to quickly access specific information, and to advertisers seeking to be found among the increasing clutter of results on other search engines. According to a study done at Georgia Tech, 87% of Internet users begin their time online with a search engine and 75% end their search on the first page of results. The challenge for business managers is to seek more effective ways of driving qualified traffic to their web sites, and gaining higher placements on search engines.« Source

»September 15, 1999 - [...] announced that the Company has changed its name to« Source

»January 5, 2004 – [...] announced the completion of its acquisition of Miva Corporation, a leading supplier of e-commerce software and services to small and medium-sized businesses. Under the terms of the agreement, announced September 3, 2003, has acquired Miva for approximately $8.0 million, with Miva shareholders receiving approximately $2.7 million in cash and approximately 165,000 shares of common stock, while assumes approximately $2.5 million in Miva liabilities.« Source

»June 6, 2005 [...], Inc. [...] change its name to MIVA, Inc., as it fully integrates and creates a single brand around the businesses it has brought together over the last 18 months. The combined global Company is the largest independent Performance Marketing Network.« Source


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»The number one complaint among Internet users is their inability to "find what they are looking for" due to the clutter of irrelevant results found on most search engines and portals. is powered by a unique proprietary listing system that allows e-business owners to bid on result-page placement for the relevant keywords and phrases associated with the products and services offered by their website. This open and automated auction-style bidding system creates our "Pay For Position"™ platform. The benefit of this unique platform is that listings appearing at the top of a results page are those of advertisers who have actually bid on the keywords, with the highest bidder appearing first and the remainder appearing in order of their declining bid amount. This targeted self-governing model guarantees the most relevant results as the sites listed first will be those with the strongest desire to be associated with a given search word or phrase, and the less relevant results will be sifted to the bottom. The ADVERTISER'S FEE [...] is the amount the advertiser is paying for each user that clicks onto their link located on's result page. An advertiser can regulate their traffic by changing this amount in real time using our proprietary open and automated bidding process. By being able to change their advertiser's fee in real time, an advertiser can pick a desired position and can alter their amount in order to occupy that position right now! The FindWhat.Com search results page provides two different ways to view a site chosen from the results page. The first way is the preview option, an innovative new search result option never before seen on any major search engine or portal. This feature gives the user an option to 'preview' the chosen site without leaving the environment, and to explore the web site without ever losing their place in the search results. The second option for viewing a chosen site is a traditional hyperlink option which transports the consumer directly to the site. Option one: This allows the searcher to preview the site by clicking on the yellow pop-up icon [...]; this opens the destination site in a new top-level window. When the surfer is done, they may close the window and continue searching on because the original search results window is still active! Option two: This allows the searcher to leave entirely, using the destination hyperlink in the traditional manner as illustrated with the link above [...]. By clicking the link to the destination site, the results window is entirely replaced by the destination site. This can conserve system resources for savvy web surfers, or simplify surfing when the searcher has found exactly what he/she was looking for.« Source


» ( is an Internet business solutions company specializing in performance based strategies designed to increase the flow of qualified consumers to clients' Web sites., formed in 1997 with corporate headquarters in New York, works with industry leaders including, Bloomberg, (Nasdaq:TSCM - news), Virtual Vinyards and other e-commerce and information based sites to optimize their sites potential and to drive highly qualified users to their sites. Source

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