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In 1997 Excite started their News Channel. In 2000, three News Indexes followed which searched web news sites like ABCNews, News wire like AP or Reuters and news photos. During this time, the news was determined using their own crawler. With the sale of Excite in 2001, the contents of external news search engines were integrated. First of all, Dogpile's news search was used, today (2019) the results come from Bing News.

Language Multilingual

Launched 1997
Closed No

Developer Excite (later Excite@Home)

Country of Origin US America

1997 - 2001 Excite (later Excite@Home)
2001 - 2004 Purchased by iwon, who changed their company name to Excite Network.
2004 - [...] Ask Jeeves (Started in 1996 as Ask Jeeves Inc., since 2006 IAC Search & Media, Inc.)
2005 - [...] IAC and Infospace (in 2005 there was a comprehensive agreement with InfoSpace regarding Excite, whereby Ask Jeeves and InfoSpace would share the marketing costs and revenue of the Excite web search feature.)

Topic News SeEn

Region No Limitation

Technical functionalities
Crawler-based, algorithmic SeEn
Search Interface / Search API

Used SeEn Dogpile

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite

What Is News Search? (2000-2001)» Excite provides three comprehensive search indexes to help you find the news stories and photos you’re looking for. After entering your query in the search box, simply select which news index you’d like to search:

News Indexes: Web News, refreshed four times a day, provides headlines from over 350 Web sites, including ABCNews, Boston Globe, CNN Interactive, E! Online and Popular Science.

Newswires,updated every hour, collects breaking stories and photos from wire services like Associated Press, Reuters, SportsTicker, Business Wire and Dow Jones.

News Photos, updated every hour, contains more than 20,000 of the latest news photos from Reuters and Associated Press.« Source


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Created: 2015-07-20